The Abusive Therapist

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Tai Crimson bends over the sofa, her skirt pulled up, red bottom on display for Pandora Blake to tawse

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When we were negotiating this shoot with Tai Crimson, she told us she loved scenarios based on abuses of authority – and particularly humiliation scenes that included emotional abuse alongside severe physical punishment. One form of this which was new to me, but a hot button for Tai, was a kink-shaming scene in which she is punished and abused because she has kinky fantasies. To lend it even more punch, it would be done by a therapist or other caregiver who is supposed to be in a supportive role – but who instead abuses their position to humiliate Tai and gratify their own sadistic impulses.

This severe spanking film is a fantasy straight out of trans porn star Tai Crimson's kinky imagination. In this spanking roleplay, Tai plays a vulnerable young woman struggling with anxiety and intrusive thoughts who begins a course of therapy. She soon finds herself mentioning her spanking and humiliation fetish, but she isn't prepared for the reaction of her therapist, Pandora Blake. It seems that Ms Blake has ideas about kink that are prejudiced and out-dated. Pandora starts spouting ignorant, kink-shaming rhetoric that blames the fetish on something 'happening' during Tai's childhood, and tells her that this is a paraphilia, a mental disorder and that there is something wrong with her. 

That's when things start to get seriously twisted. Pandora recommends a course of corrective therapy, based on the idea that Tai's ideation about being spanked only persists because she doesn't really know what it feels like. Once Tai understands that in reality, spankings hurt and there is nothing sexy about being embarrassed and punished, Pandora declares that Tai will be cured. She tells Tai to fetch out a collection of fearsome looking spanking implements, and talks her through her feelings about each one. Of course, she insists that Tai's association of an innocent domestic object like a bath brush with spanking is abnormal and depraved. Once Tai is thoroughly humiliated, Pandora takes her over her knee and raises her skirt, giving her a no-nonsense firm hand spanking to show her what it really feels like.

Poor Tai is so confused; finally, she is experiencing the spanking she always dreamed of receiving, but she never thought it would be in this horrid context, from an ignorant woman saying there is something wrong with her. As the punishment progresses onto Tai's bare bottom, Pandora becomes ever more sadistic. She applies the stingy, vicious bath brush to Tai's cheeks with vigour, punctuating the spanking with a lecture about how sick and disgusting Tai is for fetishising spanking. The solid round wooden paddle turns Tai's bottom rosy red, and no matter how much Tai squirms and cries, she is helpless to resist Pandora's 'therapy' – because if she doesn't submit, Pandora threatens to have her sectioned.

Tai's ordeal continues with the leather strap and, finally, a severe whipping with the heavy leather tawse, all accompanied by a torrent of sneering, judgmental abuse from Pandora. Only when Tai is near tears, and her bottom is swollen, red and marked, does Pandora stop. But she makes it clear that she will continue to administer this type of aversion therapy until Tai gets over her 'perversion'. Ultimately, in this humiliation fantasy, is it the patient who is perverted, or the therapist?

With cuts to the performers laughing and happy behind the scenes included before and after, this dark spanking fantasy is not for the faint-hearted. Please note that it comes with emphatic trigger warnings for kink-shaming, stigmatising language, and emotional and physical abuse of a vulnerable character by a mental health professional.

DIsclaimer: there is nothing wrong with having a spanking fetish, and this is definitely not how therapists should behave. 

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Tai Crimson

At the end of a full day’s shooting, Pandora and Tai talk about the scene they’ve just filmed – Caned at Home. Tai is disappointed that she didn’t cry, but she’s happy that her desire for bruises has been fulfilled. They discuss differences between shooting a theatrical feature like Houseboy, and a day of shorter scenes like this one (more kink per hour, to paraphrase Tai). We hear how Pandora felt playing such a mean character, and Tai talking about her lust for tears. There’s some frank discussion about personal kinks, the fetishising of trans bodies and sexuality, and how Pandora and Tai are both working to challenge the stereotypes.

10 Responses

  1. The therapist is like the voice I have had in my head telling me this stuff through a lot of my life. Its what I have often thought other people would think if they knew about the thoughts I had. It is the internet and other things, including magazines etc, that made me realise that I was not alone. I imagine most people on this site can relate to that. What a great way to confont those feelings of insecurity, that can still haunt us, than by parodying them in this way. A brilliantly acted little film like this can say more about this serious subject than several lengthy articles. I can understand if you were cautious about whether you should make this film. Good for you that you were brave enough to do it.

  2. dear pandora it will be a great scene in which you receive a hard caning or paddling flowed by anal sex.

  3. Now at age 70 ( but healthy), spanking seems to be ‘ mainstream ‘, not freaky, ok etc.! ” if I knew then what I know now…”; please, use common sense, nothing cruel, just spank or get the spanking that’s been lying in your shadows, it helps/ works, is personal, bonding& intimate! X out whatever is non- consensual ( for now or never); may be a work in progress! Please don’t ‘plague’ your partner; it doesn’t work! Be patient & loving; a spanking relationship would have saved my marriage- I’m a male ( who knew?). Above all love one another, be honest & sincere & keep it real& fun!!! Best regards, a friend in utmost sincerity -RjH

  4. OMG – could be me, too… ! I think I should use THAT kind of therapy for me either…

    Great one, thank you both 🙂

  5. The idea of tackling such a tricky scene without anyone falling into actually feeling shamed terrifies me, but looks like you both pulled it off!

  6. Really surprised to find an online video that almost exactly seemed to match one of my fantasy and a rather esoteric one at that. I always worry that my fantasy ideas are too strange, or obscure. I really feel though this video could have bubbled up from inside my head. It is a role play fantasy which I have acted out with both Miss Chi and Mistress Lola Ruin

    I do love the way the video, is done, the dialogue is wonderful, feel like all the words Pandora says in the role of the therapist, are things I have said of Spanking fetishists, especially the use clinical terms such as paraphilia, I also love the implication at the end, that Pandora, in the role of therapist secretly in fact thrill from administering corporal punishment, whilst pretending to it for aversion therapy. I think this really matches how some people feel about BDSM- the combination of forbidden thrill and titillation mixed with overt disapproval and condemnation I suspect some people do get a perverse thrill from condemning deviants- recommend Vicarious Kinks by Ummni Khan on this topic. I find it exciting to see a spanking video, which does deal with the real social stigma of deviance- I think Patrick Califia has erotic short stories with themes

    I have exactly along the lines of being sent for aversion therapy aimed at curing me of my perversion. (Pretty much the same as in the video). I worry about this fantasy- As I have said before, I still feel there is a part of me, like my shadow, which still hates myself for being deviant. I wrote about it here
    It also reflect some real world experiences that I have had, as well as the fact in many parts of the world my particular sexual preferences/ orientation are classed as a mental illness and aversion therapy has been used on people like me. There are still people who would see people like me as a sickness that needs to be treated.
    Hence this sort of fantasy is for me edge play, I’d compare it to race-play- Granted, yes in current situation, people are not classed as whites are obviously at a socially disadvantaged position and likely to experience overt discrimination, while at moment, though who knows how things will change, kinky people may be less vulnerable. That is often provided we are prepared not get to far out out of our closets. I don’t think however the stigma against BDSM should be trivialised, or dismissed. (Maybe this might annoy some people- This is part of the reason why I really hate BDSM right wingers, as discriminated against group, people like us should not supporting the victimisation of other marginalised groups)

    I think there are some situations in which I could not bring myself to play out this fantasy. I like the fact Pandora admits, at the end of the video, that doing this video is the edge of her comfort zone. It is perhaps the edge of my comfort zone too. It perhaps touches vulnerable point on me.
    Yet I find being able to get off on this fantasy, liberating.
    It feels like being being able to reclaim my own sexuality in defiance of what people have told me, my whole life.

    I would like to thank you video to Pandora Blake, Tai Crimson and Dreams of Spanking in general

  7. I must admit that this was difficult to watch. I think you are very brave, Tai, for enacting such a scene.

  8. We looked to provide as much detail in possible in the description and lots of BTS clips to provide context for this film, to give viewers the information they might need to make an informed decision about a film being for them or not. We now include content notes at the beginning of a film as well, for the same purpose. I hope these various resources can serve to help you make decisions about avoiding content you might find difficult to watch.
    Far from brave, this is a fantasy directly from Tai’s mind that she was very excited to bring to life!

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