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Pandora sits on a wooden chair wearing a short dress and stripy knee-high socks

A little girl in colourful stripy socks, sent to kneel on the naughty chair. A woman in elegant lingerie, bending over and offering her bottom to the tawse. Either way, Pandora is in the pink.

The second half of the photos taken in the old mill.

Photography: Phil M


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  1. You have the most fantastic legs and bottom , the holds ups with the pink lace at the top are so sexy. I think you have the most perfectly shaped bottom – 10 out of 10 . I would love to place six stripes across that bottom .

  2. Great pic in stockings and love the poses…and such a beautiful ample bottom, really is a spanker’s delight.

  3. Thankyou very much, that’s extremely nice of you! I was curious to find out which half of this set proved more popular – the grownup lingerie or the little girl – and it turns out it’s definitely the lingerie. Those hot pink hold ups are a favourite of mine.

  4. I’ve always admired your bottom…it was one of the first I ‘stumbled’ across when browsing the Internet for the first time when I googled the word ‘spanking’! During my youth, the only source of spanking stimulus was looking up spanking related words in the Oxford English Dictionary…how sad! Thank you for all your productions over the years you have been working….you are one of the best!

  5. Aww, thank you so much, that’s lovely to hear. Like you, before I discovered the internet my only source of spanking stimulation was from books. I never encountered it in real life. I think that probably explains the literary flavour of a lot of my fantasies, especially since I read so much Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Victorian girls’ literature when I was a child! I also looked up every spanking-related word in the dictionary, obsessively; I think many of us did. My classmates thought I was such a boring dork, reading the dictionary all the time. If only they knew what I was thinking about!

  6. Like the pics, showing your various moods, like the one over the back of the chair. It shows the superb ampleness, of your bottom.

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