Glitter Spanking – part 2

Music video (4:28) with 68 photographs
Preview image for Glitter Spanking - part 2. A naked Adele Haze spanks glitter on Pandora Blake's bare bottom

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One bottle of baby oil, four tubs of glitter. Are you ready for another dose of glitter spanking? This time, it’s Pandora Blake whose bare bottom is the canvas for Adele Haze’s glittery hand prints. In nothing but a pair of high heels, Adele clearly has fun turning her naked spankee’s beautiful round bum into a four colour rainbow of sparkles.

As Pandora gasps and wiggles under Adele's firm hand spanking, the glitter flies everywhere. Now's your chance to see every sparkly smack captured on video, and watch the light glimmer glitter as Pandora moves under Adele's hard hand. Feast your eyes on the twinkling highlights as the light catches Pandora's round bottom, the look of bliss on her face, and the way Adele contemplates her victim with obvious enjoyment as she admires her handiwork.

Just try and get to the end of this scene without breaking into a grin. Adele and Pandora certainly can't manage it: it's smiles all round as they stand side to side to compare the sparkling results of their spankings at the end of this glittery music video and photo gallery. 

Photography: PWPimages

Preview Gallery

6 Responses

  1. Well done putting a bit of techno as a backing track for this fun film. And for just reducing its sound level towards the end to allow Adele’s spanks to be heard a little more emphatically. The close camera-work and lighting catch the glitter cascading and twinkling in mid air beautifully as your bottom is spanked , Pandora. The whole effect is a really glamorous and unusual spanking vignette. Nice one both of you. (Oh, and there are more ways than one to achieve a purple bottom!!)

  2. What a nice glittery bum! Some nice shots showing those plump, glittering, curvy cheeks. Would love to have my big bum decorated like that 🙂

  3. I have an aversion to dirty play, but I adore this! More sparkly spankings please! What’s been missing for me is the little stars that cartoonists used to draw around spanked bottoms!

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