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Preview image for Dominance and Submission. Pandora Blake kneels on the floor, arms stretched out in front of her, wearing nothing but stockings. D sits on a chair behind her and rests a riding crop on her upturned bottom

Cuffed and collared, naked and vulnerable, she kneels and waits. With his hands and voice he caresses her, controls her. Soft fingers stroke her spine, her thighs, slip into her mouth and press down on her tongue. Unbidden, she leans forward until her face almost touches the carpet, and kisses his feet.

While she is blindfolded his touch creates a world of sensation. Her mouth is dry, perhaps from crying out, and he lifts a glass to her lips and gives her water. She kneels at his feet and he tells her to open her legs – wider – wider. She obeys. He squeezes her nipples and her breasts, wraps a cool hand around her throat.

She feels the riding crop playing over her skin. With one hand at her neck and the tip of the crop tormenting her breasts, she is suspended between trust and doubt, safety and fear. Pleasure and pain.

He arranges her on hands and knees and uses her as a footstool, raises the glass to his own lips. Weight of his feet resting in the small of her back; breathing in and out, concentrating on posture, poise, stillness. Back arched, bottom raised. When she feels the crop land sharply across her upturned buttocks she cries out. She flinches, she can't help it, but as soon as she realises it she arches her back again. Her bottom feels exposed, sensitive. The position is not easy to maintain as he whips her, but she does her best.

Later he takes pity on her, stands her up and bends her over the chair. Now she can bury her face in her arms and surrender to the strokes, shock after shock of stinging heat that leaves her bottom feeling sensitive and swollen.

Textures and sensations: the soft warmth of a leather belt around her throat, tightening until lights flash and the world spins. He guides her like that, moving her by the neck until her body is where he wants it. He does not need to use words to tell her she is his. Serene in her surrender, she lets him direct her, trusting that whatever she does, she will be safe with him. He plays her body like an instrument. Even the pain, when it comes, is a treasured gift, a sign of love.

Cool hands soothe and squeeze her throbbing skin; their kisses are heated. She kneels to present her bottom again, offering herself to the belt, and he paints her cheeks red.

Photography: Matt Christie  


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14 Responses

  1. If this picture set were to be compared to a piece of music it would be ‘Clair de Lune’ by Claude Debussy a masterful and yet moving event of pure unadulterated beauty, a most precious thing for a short moment in time yet gripping, enchanting, exquisite making ones heartbeat race without any real explanation…..mixing up emotions which may have been dormant bringing joy and excitement for no obvious reason leading to emotional gratification.

    These images depict all this starting in a somewhat simple scene of love and tranquility, slowly but surely building to a shuddering crescendo before returning back down to earth uplifting and holding the spirit of the privileged few that will be lucky enough to share them………….the veiled lady is an alluring sight to be cherished……..

    And when it’s all over the listener is left begging for more……yes…Pandora & D…….
    a perfect mood of beauty and elegance captured in time……… to share and enjoy………forever……….thank you.

  2. Thank you! I have a feeling I’m going to be spamming Twitter with photos from this one for a while to come. I have some many favourites it’s hard to pick just a few!

  3. Beautiful series of pics, Pandora. I think they capture very well the transitions through pain reactions into ecstasy and pleasure. And especially evidence in the beautiful shot four from the end. What a gorgeous photo.

    Like how those black hold ups appear as if by magic partway through. A touch of nylon always adds spice. Finally, the two pics bending over, arms on the chair for the riding crop are classics of the “presenting one’s bottom properly for attention” variety. Thank you for including them.

  4. I can only say thanks Pandora for this beautiful collection of pictures. Again a good combination of hotness and art.

  5. Thanks Yianni. We were aiming for a few specific compositions rather than a continuous “scene” narrative, hence the inconsistent lingerie. I wanted both nude-with-stockings and nude-with-cuffs, and I thought that bare legs would give the cuffs better contrast. I take it you prefer with stockings to without?

    I was hoping we could do more of the bending over pose, but it just didn’t quite work out with the light – I was basically in silhouette, and we couldn’t get D into the shot at all. The over-the-arm position had similar problems. Kneeling on the chair proved the best in terms of lighting and composition. Still, glad the experimentation process was fruitful from your point of view 🙂

  6. With Matt behind the camera, I think it’s impossible for the results not to be art!

  7. Bare legs are always much better and sexier that stockings and suspenders. My opinion anyway

  8. Thank you! It’s funny you should mention music, someone else on twitter compared one of these pics to D playing my body like an instrument. I’m glad to have inspired such classical references… that’s definitely the romantic mood I was aiming for.

  9. You are so awesomely submissive in these photos Pandora. I mean being submissive in the way you are here isn’t something that’s easy to do. People like you have a gift 🙂

  10. Pandora I have seen your work on several sites over recent years but these are the
    first pictures I have seen from this site and I must say this is the most beautifull you have ever been.

  11. These are one of the shoots I continually revisit – I love the sensuality of it.

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