Secret Knicker Obsession

Film (18:48 mins) with 21 screengrabs
Pandora stands holding a cane, wearing a white shirt and blue school knickers with their skirt pulled up around her waist

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You’ve been carrying a dirty secret for a long, long time, haven’t you? Your most humiliating fetish, tucked away in the back of your mind like you tuck those stolen knickers away in the back of a drawer. The only trouble is, Headmistress Blake has figured you out – and now you’re going to get the thrashing you deserve.


First, though, the Headmistress has something far more devious in store for you: a course of exposure therapy, designed to help desensitise you to all the things you fantasise about alone, at night, behind closed doors. A knickered bottom, bright red and not quite exposed, being caned over and over – and you’re to stand, and watch, with your underwear around your ankles, and under no circumstances may you touch yourself. It’s almost too hard to resist – in more ways than one.

But just wait until you find out what the Headmistress’s final lesson for you is…


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3 Responses

  1. This was so brilliant. Thank you so much, Pandora! I love that it’s now being presented for a larger audience to possibly enjoy. Surely we alone are not the only two colossal pervs who enjoy the types of erotic titillation displayed herein!

    I will return for that follow up, even though it’s taking me much longer than I ever envisioned.

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