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Preview image for Glitter Spanking. Pandora Blake spanks glitter onto Adele Haze's bottom

A nude spanking becomes a glitter extravaganza, and all that glitters is Adele Haze. Wearing nothing apart from a pair of frilly purple panties, Adele shows off her beautiful big bottom. A bottom perfect for a firm hand spanking from Pandora Blake who, after a few sharp smacks, is struck by a rather inspired idea.

Turning an already sensual panty spanking into a multi-coloured glitter spank fest, Pandora sets out to make Adele’s big bum sparkle. The impact of Pandora’s hand on Adele’s bottom sends the glitter flying everywhere. Soon, Adele’s bottom is a spanked canvas bedecked with red hand prints – and green, silver and blue too!

Standing back, Pandora admires her work of art – and you can’t help but admire the glitterscape along with her, in this stunning photo gallery.

Photography: PWPimages


Preview Gallery

7 Responses

  1. Oh Adele’s back, and this is really sexy! You two have such good chemistry together.

  2. Glitter is frequently used on birthday cards. This endearing little set of photos made me think that this sparkly ‘punishment’ would be most appropriate for a birthday spanking.

    “I’m sorry I only got you a rather plain card, darling, but can I suggest I spread a little sparkle in a more directly physical way!? ”

    Bit of hoovering up to do afterwards I guess 🙂

  3. Exactly! It’s not an easy thing to make Adele’s bum look even nicer, but I think we managed it 🙂

  4. I really love working with her! This was such a fun gallery to shoot 🙂

  5. I like that idea! Although I can tell you that we used a LOT of glitter… more than would easily fit in a little sachet inside a card, for instance 😉

    Yes, there was a lot of clearing up to do after this. I recommend to anyone wanting to try this at home to put a sheet down first!

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