The Honey Trap

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Preview image for The Honey Trap. James Darling lies naked on the bed, reddened bottom raised as Pandora Blake uses the leather strap on him

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“I've never seen you like this before.”
“You've never made me this angry before.”

James Darling – award-winning FTM porn star – is in serious trouble. Girlfriend Pandora Blake has gone through his phone and found he's been playing with dominant women behind his back. She sets up a honey trap by posing under a different name and arranging to meet him for femdom play. When she surprises James at his hotel room and storms in to confront him, she makes it clear that she's more than capable of dishing out punishment herself…

James writhes under Pandora's skilled hands as she gives him a bare bottomed spanking interspersed with angry scolding and some deep and heavy kisses. With his beautiful arse turning red, James groans in pain and pleasure as Pandora makes sure he is sorry for betraying her. She shows him that if he wants to submit, he need look no further as she orders him to kiss and lick her patent fetish heels, beg her for more strokes with the thick leather belt, and suck the taste of his own arousal from her fingers.

After spanking, strapping and belting his bottom like a naughty boy, Pandora straddles James and pins him face-down on the bed for some fun of her own. Fingering his hole and rubbing his trans cock, she brings him to the brink of coming before demanding some attention of her own.

Music: DeathBoy – "They Keep on Coming" 

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Preview Gallery

The Honey Trap - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of The Honey Trap at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, 2014. James and Pandora negotiate the details of the scene, including face slapping, limits and verbal humiliation. During a cut James tells Pandora how much he’s enjoying the spanking and is delighted to see how red his bum is! And afterwards both performers are flying high, with laughter, hugs and kisses. James is gorgeous, a great roleplayer and can really take a spanking. We can’t wait to shoot with him again next time we’re in the US!



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James Darling

We were very lucky to shoot with award-winning FTM porn star James Darling in Toronto during the Feminist Porn Awards 2014! This shoot took place in a hotel room after midnight, but despite the lateness of the hour James and Pandora were excited and energised. James and Pandora discuss the scene they’re about to shoot, and James talks about his porn site, his fetishes and kinks, and spanking!

15 Responses

  1. In response to your Twitter query ‘Is the spanking scene ready for trans* performers’ I think the answer after watching this amazing scene is a humungous resounding YES !!

    James role is amazing and he looks so damn hot and Pandora is the perfect Bitch as already demonstrated in a scene with the same name.

    Hard to believe it was shot in the small hours of what must have been a very long and tiring day.

    It’s a wonderful scene with a somewhat raunchy ending. No wonder James was horny as hell.

  2. Your confidence is charming, but given you’re the only person to reply I’m not sure you’re right yet! Still, my M/M scenes were meet with radio silence when I first started. Eventually people will get used to trans* performers too, I think it’ll just take a little time.

    It’s a shame no-one else seems to know what to say, because personally I think this was one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever done!

  3. Yes maybe you’re right about folk needing a little more time to take this new stuff in and of course not wanting to fill this page with lots of posts from the same person as I know you don’t like it much, but I just wanted to say your M/M stuff is absolutely leading my example across all the other spanking sites which are not just male spanking scenes but a mixture of everything.

    There are a few other sites trying M/M now trying to follow in your footsteps because they now realise there is a big market for it out there and they’ve missed the boat by not exploring this avenue, and then you take it one step further with James who I think is very yummy indeed, even got me questioning my own sexuality cus I think he’s hot as hell and I could quite easily fancy him,

    Well there you go. I’d luv to be naked & spanked alongside him any day of the week.

    I promise no more posts. xx

  4. That was SUPER hot! Definitely an enjoyable distraction from my boring work earlier, thank you both to Pandora and James for this 😉 I for one would like to see more like this!

  5. This is a very hot video. The noises that James makes as he is receiving his pain and pleasure is a huge turn on .

  6. I think that since the spanking scene isn’t used to seeing trans performers, it might take a while before it becomes accepted. I think that some people just won’t be into it, and that’s alright. No one has to watch porn that doesn’t make them horny. I think that some people who didn’t know that they’d be into it will, once they’re given a few more chances, give it a try and discover that they are (which is really an awesome outcome, when you think about it!) and that others have probably always wanted to see spanking porn with trans performers in it but because it didn’t really exist before (that I know of) they probably stopped looking, and it will take a while for them to find it, but they’ll be happy when they do.

    Personally, I think James is a total hottie. There were aspects of this scene that weren’t horny for me (specifically the kind of breath play that it involved was a bit squicky for me) but they were overshadowed by the energy of the scene in general and how freaking cute James’ ass is.

  7. Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed this. We’ve since worked with transguy Ron Beastly and I’ve already received enquiries from a couple more trans*/genderqueer performers, so I’ll have plenty of options to queer it up on future shoots – both for Dreams and for a certain forthcoming hardcore project!

  8. A few people have definitely said to me that they didn’t think they’d enjoy this, and were surprised. I want to maintain a balance between queer and straight scenes on Dreams of Spanking, but at the moment I feel like my next porn project is going to be uncompromisingly queer… and I imagine the audience demographic will be a little different to that of Dreams of Spanking. Still, it’s very reassuring to see a few more comments on this one and know that James’ fantastic performance was appreciated by a few of our existing members 🙂

  9. I absolutely adore James and to see him in a scene together with you, Pandora, is such a hot delight. I hope that the spanking scene becomes more accepting of trans*/genderqueer performers – it would be a shame if not.

    I love the sound of you doing something “uncompromisingly queer”. I can totally get on board with that.

  10. Love, love, love this scene – especially the scenario itself and James’ noises and expressions. There’s been a noticeable dearth of trans*/GQ folk in spanking films, and it’s great to see that changing 🙂

  11. We’ve done a check, the videos are downloading and streaming fine on desktop. We’ve had an issue with videos streaming on iphone, so if that’s the device you’re using I would recommend downloading the files to watch them, or using a different device to enjoy the site!

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