A Taste of their Own Medicine

Film (31:27 mins) with 91 photographs
Pandora bends over a desk for a beating, while Jimmy bends over the other end of the desk with his caned arse bared

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Head Girl Zoe is shocked to discover that two of her prefects have been conducting a reign of terror under her nose for two whole terms. Prefects are allowed to dish out lines and detentions to younger pupils they catch flouting the school rules, but only the Head Girl and Boy, the teachers and the Headmaster are allowed to administer corporal punishment. Nonetheless, this terrible twosome have been doing exactly that. Zoe strips them of their prefect privileges, and decides that the only just response is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

She spanks them with each of the implements which they have been reported as using on junior pupils. With each implement, she drags the story out of them. Despite their protests and excuses, Pandora and Jimmy have no choice but to bend over and endure the same punishments that they have so irresponsibly handed out.

This was a re-run of a clip I filmed with Zoe a couple of years ago, for a company which never went anywhere. I have to say, it was massively improved by the addition of a good-looking young man!

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A Taste of their Own Medicine - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage and out-takes from the filming of “A Taste of their Own Medicine”.


24 Responses

  1. Quite well done, Pandora. I’m not so much into F/m scenes, but it worked very very well with the F/f. I had no idea that Zoe could be such a commanding Domme! I’ve only seen her before as a quite adorable bottom.

    I like how you broke up the individual spankings, particularly where it involved repeated unveiling of the punished bottoms! I’m a big fan of spankees baring their bottoms, btw…

    Really deft touch at the end – with each ‘prefect’ having to hold a cane before receiving their strokes.

    Few things:

    1. I think the storyline/film would’ve been enhanced by actual footage of students being ‘terrorized’ by the ‘prefects’; for me, if you using film as the medium, it’s better to show the story than having a character simply recount it;

    2. I would’ve liked to have seen at least one of the spanking sequences being done with the ‘prefects’ on all fours;

    3. I’d have gone for a few more close-up shots, and perhaps a few overhead shots too.

    4. In most spanking videos that I’ve seen, bending over is usually done with the legs straight. I think that when the knees are bent, it presents the bottom in a far more tantalizing way.

    Anyway, good work…

  2. Ahh, brilliant feedback! And what a joy to hear that this scene works for someone who doesn’t usually enjoy F/M – that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

    Zoe can be scary when she wants to be can’t she? And yet so warm and kind off camera – an ideal first spanker for a new spankee.

    As for your comments…

    1. Gosh, yes, wouldn’t that have been fabulous? A bit beyond our budget at this stage unfortunately but yes, definitely the level of filmmaking I’m aiming for eventually!

    2. Hrm, really? That wouldn’t have felt very “school” to me – a bit over-sexed given Zoe isn’t meant to be taking sadistic delight in punishing these troublemakers. I’d leave that position for more erotic settings personally. To each their own, I suppose 🙂

    3. Aye, more camera angles would have been lovely. Best we could do with a single camera operator, sorry! I think Michael Stamp did an excellent job manning two cameras at once, personally.

    4. Interesting! Wasn’t a conscious choice, just the way the position worked in those heels, but I’ll definitely bear it in mind in future as something that works…

  3. Pandora, thx for your response. Wow, only one camera operator manning two cameras?!! My compliments to Michael.

    I take your point on the all-fours position, though I have seen this position adopted in other “school” type productions without generating an over-sexed flavour.

  4. Sorry to bother you, but I have run into a technical problem.

    When I click on the arrow on eg A yuletide birching or on Need to know, it streams and I can see the film very nicely.

    But when I do the same on A taste of their own medicine, instead it takes some time to download, and in the end I do not get to see it. (I had to settle for looking at the photos, which are good but not the same thing!)

    Is it simply because this film is longer than the others – or have you treated it differently in some way?

    Pardon my technological vagueness!


  5. Gosh yes, you’re totally right, that’s an actual bug. I’m ever so sorry – there was something missing in the code. I’ve just fixed it and it’s working now. Well spotted and very sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. Congratulations Pandora on a great new site.
    Is there any prospect of school type tawsings on the hands using genuine JJ Dick Lochgelly tawses ?

  7. Ouch! Perhaps, if I can find some performers who like hand tawsing – it’s not one of my interests, personally.

  8. Yes, Zoe is very adequate in her role! And I do enjoy F-f-m scenes. And JImmy is great, youngish, polite, not hairy. Nice strappings, and the canings were I guess as far as you will go in this site?
    Nice location.
    Poses: what about ‘the lounge position’? (Hands and feet on the floor, legs straight, butt up – not uncommon in school scenes.)
    Pandora should have had 6 extra for calling Zoe ‘Zoe’ and not Miss Montana.
    Only thing that disturbed me was the cup on the table, and the phone too. Why have props that are in the way? I was expecting them to fall off the table any time!
    CT: I do enjoy a long (in the script) uncomfortable corner time, with headmistress leaving with a ‘now stay in position without moving for one hour, I will keep the door open so I can check on you at any time’.
    I thought the ‘telling, not showing’ of the illegitimate cp worked fine!
    Finally: yes please, more school! With angry nuns!

  9. I just love the concept and dynamic of a guy and a girl ‘in trouble’ together, and I can just imagine the added pressure for the male of having to remain stoical and not show himself up in front of the female spankee.

    Perhaps a particularly cruel headgirl, being aware of this, would increase the severity of his punishment until he embarrassed himself by squealing!

    Zoe (who I hope to meet at an event very shortly) makes a great domme, and I love the seemingly angry but dispassionate way in which she deals with the two miscreants. It adds a realism that any overt enjoyment on her part would have detracted from.

    Great vid!

    Nobby x

  10. Right y’are then 🙂 (Actually since the weekend I’ve been re-visiting my preferences… I think I’d have to work up gradually to the Lochgelly though!

  11. The Head Girl is definitely called Zoe, not Miss! As for canings – have you seen Caning Merit Badge, or Caned in Jodhpurs? Both are significantly harder than the caning here, and there are more severe ones already filmed and in the pipeline.

  12. Zoe was absolutely brilliant in this scene, it was a pleasure working with her. I’ll ask Jimmy if he’s up for embarrassing himself by squealing… I’m certainly a fan of vocal reactions from male spankees 🙂

  13. Another excellent scene of a boy and girl getting punished together. It’s quite a rare scenario for spanking films so it’s great to see that you’re making a bit of a speciality of it. More please!

  14. I’m having no luck with Taste, Blame or Bet
    Any suggestions welcome to help download these

  15. I can’t believe no-one’s done it before! It seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people 🙂

  16. One of the things I like about this site is that it covers all aspects of spanking (M?F; FF, FM and MM. Most spanking sites concentrate on FF, MF or FM or MM. I find it very refreshing to see a lady giving a man a good thrashing.

    In a Taste of Their Own Medicine we have the delicious experience of having a male and a female spanked hard in the same scene. Well done.

  17. Loved this….Zoe is so strict and merciless and the two offenders are, of course, admirably stoic in the way they take their medicine.

  18. Pandora a great girl and boy spanking scene feature with Zoe as a strict Headgirl administering sound spankings ,best from Tim .

  19. A “Failed No File” message is returned and this video would not dowload (the BTS one).

    The main video downloaded all right.

  20. That’s weird, I’ll need to look into that! Thank you for pointing this out.

  21. Not sure if I’m the only one that noticed or just only one to comment on it, but why does the blackboard in the back say “the head girl sucks cock?”

    Overall great video, I’m a big fan of the f/m scenes.

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