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Preview image for Caned in the Stables. Pandora Blake bends over a haybale. Her trousers and knickers pulled down as she gets caned n the bare bottom

A sleepy stablegirl caught napping in the hay is hauled to her feet for an on the spot spanking. When she complains, she is upended over a haybale, and her bare bottom striped with the cane. 

I don't know when the association between stables and spanking was formed in my young mind, but I've always fantasised about equestrian punishments. When D and I had the opportunity to shoot in a real, actual stableyard, we couldn't pass it up. I didn't own a pair of jodhpurs in those days, so we decided to match in leather trousers, which I suppose is a kink all its own, and tailcoats. D in that outfit pressed my buttons, at least.

In this fantasy, I play a sleepy stablegirl caught napping in the hay. She's hauled to her feet, leathers and underwear yanked down for an on-the-spot punishment spanking. She wriggles and complains so much that her superior takes sterner measures. The stablegirl is upended over a haybale, and her bare bottom striped with the cane. Afterwards she is left with her hands on the wall and her bottom on display, for all to see.

Photography: Roy Tersley


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  1. Yep, another gorgeous set of photos! Outdoor shoots are always really special – something about communing with Nature?

  2. I was dithering over whether “stables” counted as al fresco or not! Tom voted yes – glad you agree 🙂

  3. These look absolutely beautiful …..very erotic. It’s a shame you didn’t make this into a video as well. The link between riding and spanking must surely be very close to many spanko’s hearts…I always find young lady riders in tight jodphurs very appealing, particularly if they are carrying riding crops (especially dressage whips)! I am always torn between wanting them to use it on me and me using on them!

  4. Embrace the power of “and”!

    D isn’t comfortable appearing on video yet, so I’m afraid photos are all I have to show from this shoot. Still, I find that photo sets tend to end up being higher quality when you aren’t shooting them around a video; it’s lovely to see the stripes appear one by one. Really glad you liked this one, I’m thrilled with how it came out.

    We do have another equestrian video coming up in the next few weeks featuring Caroline and Amelia in tight jodhpurs, getting the riding crop from yours truly. Photos, too. Looking forward to sharing that one!

  5. Really beatiful and erotic. Pandora in her leather pants looks stunning and hot. It is a pity the shyness of Mr. D, because this sequence of photos represents the raw material for a classic spanking film.

  6. You at least prefer the leathers to jodhpurs, I think!

    Even if D would like to be in film one day, I don’t know if I will revisit previous photosets to make them into films. It would feel a little like repeating myself. But if I ever have the option, perhaps I’ll change my mind 🙂

    I will definitely make a video next time I find myself with access to a real, outdoor stable though!

  7. We have a stable that you can use.! Zoe got a Pony for her second last birthday but Paddy didnt like it so the pony had to go. Not very happy about that but the stable could be used for other outdoor pursuits. Let me know when you can pop over.

  8. Oh yes, looking forward to it!!! I really love to see girls in equestrian outfit getting a good hard spanking with the riding crop and the dressage whip. And because jodhpurs are so sexy, I would love to see them getting spanked with the crops first on their tight jodhpurs and then on the bare asses 🙂

  9. Very lovely photoshoot Pandora. You really know how to show your bottom off! 🙂

  10. And a shearing shed as well. You’ll see her soon so plan something.

  11. Hello everybody, you are all so spot on regarding stables; outhouses, that sort of thing.
    They have that “spice of danger.”
    That last shot is esp good. Poor Pandora, waiting for another six strokes. And with the door wide open!

    Thanks to all
    Dave x

  12. Yes; that’s exactly it, the fear that you’ll be overheard, or that someone will innocently walk in. Especially if you aren’t getting into a consensual bit of fun but are being genuinely punished, and just have to hope and hope that it’s over quickly before anyone walks by!

  13. Oh gosh. Stables, leather trousers, bare bottoms. You keep delivering intensely erotic scenes!

  14. Great set of photos and website in general! 🙂

    Is there any chance of the leather trousers making a return in a future video scene??

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