Taking the Blame

Film (11:37 mins) with 30 screengrabs
Pandora grips her red, sore arse, while Zoe looks crossly at her, and Jimmy looks away

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This was the first film we shot featuring girls and boys being punished together, and in it we took a leaf out of Tom Sawyer’s book. Jimmy and Pandora are young friends who are always getting into mischief. They’re at that age where although they each have a burgeoning crush on the other, neither dares act on it. When Jimmy’s aunt finds out about their latest scrape, he gallantly takes the blame – even though it was Pandora who was responsible on this occasion.

Losing her patience, aunt Zoe pulls down his jeans and boxers and gives him a sound spanking over the knee in front of a horrified Pandora. These certainly weren’t the circumstances in which she’d dreamed about seeing her best friend’s naked body! Although Jimmy is frantically signalling to her to keep her mouth shut in hopes of their ordeal being over quickly, Pandora can’t bear to watch her friend take the punishment she by rights deserves. She confesses her guilt, and begs Zoe to punish her instead.

Of course, Zoe intends to do no such thing. One of them has clearly lied to her, and in her opinion they’re both as bad as each other. She bends them both over for some licks with the tawse, during which both teenagers try desperately to avoid each other’s eyes.

This is a fast-paced scene with palpable tension between the characters, and a sharply effective spanking and tawsing. Believe it or not, this was also Jimmy’s first ever spanking on video! We think he did brilliantly, don’t you?

When his aunt Zoe finds out about their latest scrape, Jimmy gallantly takes the blame for his best friend Pandora. But he’s not able to save both of them from punishment.

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Taking the Blame - Behind the Scenes

Zoe’s knack for scolding is as strong as her legendary hand spankings, but learning a lot of lines can trip up even the most consummate of professionals every once in a while! We got this done in admirably few takes all the same – and Jimmy’s talent for skulking moodily into corners remains entertaining for all concerned.


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  1. I saw the trailer of this a while ago, so it’s good now to see the whole thing. Real red theme with deep red decorative walls, lovely red tights (I think?) Zoe’s wearing and lovely rosy red bottom cheeks. I’ve seen Zoe in the past as a great spankee but she plays the dominant role wonderfully here. Nice and stern and no nonsense throughout, especially when, Pandora, you foolishly suggest Jimmy’s auntie is a bitch ! Love the extra firm slaps that follow as a consequence. Also love the way Zoe says ‘spanking’ quite a number of times as she talks through what she intends to carry out. The use of the word here and there always adds something for me.

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