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Preview image for Domestic Service. Pandora Blake is over D's knee, her tight skirt pulled up to display her bottom and stockings

What better way to be woken up in the morning than by Pandora, dressed in a tight skirt, stockings and high fetish heels? D – naked and ready to assert his authority – collars her to establish his dominance, then makes her collect the paddle in her mouth, and bring it to him on all fours.

D bends the submissive Pandora over his naked lap, lifting her tight black skirt to reveal lacy knickers and her firm bottom, ready for whatever he wants to give. He delivers some firm whacks with the wooden paddle, and Pandora cries out in pain.

After turning her bottom turned bright red D makes Pandora kneel on all fours as human furniture. With the paddle on her back and skirt hitched to her waist she makes the perfect coffee table for his glass of juice – and she must stay perfectly still to avoid spilling it. D proves that even fully nude, first thing in the morning, he still knows how to take control and bend Pandora to his will. 

Photography: Matt Christie 


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8 Responses

  1. Awww, I’d forgotten how cute you were when you were playing ‘fetch’ with the paddle. May have to revisit that idea. <3

  2. It is a real dream to wake up and to see the beautiful and sexy Pandora clad with a tight skirt and wearing a tray in her hands full up of a nice breakfast.

  3. it’s a pure joy to see the beautiful, full-figured Pandora on her pretty knees with her tight skirt clinging to her shapely hips and hugging her magnificent ass! thank you.

  4. I am a black submissive/slave and find it almost impossible to find any sites featuring Dominant White women and black submissives. I would love to see you soundly spanking/whipping such slaves. Any chance of that happening?

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