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Adele bends over showing off her curvy bottom covered with red cane stripes, pointing her bare toes

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“Perfect,” declares Adele Haze, after stroke one of her eye-watering 38 stroke bare bottom caning. This free caning film is the last in our series to protest UK porn censorship – the perfect climax!

“We’ve got to go hard – we wouldn’t want it to be transient and trifling!” Adele Haze gives a seditious grin as she asks Nimue Allen to make the final few strokes of her caning count. “Let’s make some bruises, shall we?”

This free caning film is the last in our series of sponsored canings, to raise money for Backlash and protest UK porn laws that could see Dreams of Spanking shut down. ATVOD – the Association for TV On Demand, is clamping down on UK porn sites that depict open, honest expressions of fetish and kink, including pain play that goes beyond what the censors judge to be appropriate levels.

Adele Haze volunteered to take the final thirty eight hard cane strokes to help the fight, and Nimue Allen delivers them. Adele declares the first stroke to be perfect – a stinging crack that leaves an instant visible red mark across her bare bottom. Thirty-seven more strokes follow, each leaving its own mark, until Adele’s skin is covered with a neat pattern of red stripes. With every new stroke, she curls her toes and grimaces at the stinging pain, before taking a deep breath and smiling in preparation for the next one.

While it’s been a long time since Adele last bottomed on camera, it was important for her to make this free caning film. She declares the ATVOD regulations to be completely abhorrent, and explains that “this project is going to show up these regulations for the complete ridiculous nonsense that they are.” And they certainly are. Adele marks very easily, and she points out that ‘transient and trifling’ canings can be so different from one person to another. You can see what she means by checking out the other free caning videos in this series, and watching her sponsored caning – the climax of our caning protest, and a solid blow to ATVOD’s attempt to stifle free expression in porn.

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3 Responses

  1. What a shoot. I’ve been a great fan of Adele for some time now and this is the best I’ve ever seen. Adele, you look as hot and amazing as ever and it’s great to have a film with you smile and laugh, as well as express your opinions. That’s definitely one lucky cane. Outstanding film, love the interaction with Nimue It’s great to see such fun in a discipline scene and makes a nonsense of the legal changes. Give to the cause and thanks for making this film and all of the others Pandora.

  2. Adele well done in taking your swishing ,best spanks from Tim to you and Pandora ,Tim x

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