Good Boys Need Spanking Too

Film (10:58 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora sits on a bed looking at the camera, implements laid out beside them, holding a riding whip in their hands

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It’s been a while now since you moved into your new stepmother’s house with your two new stepsisters. You’ve had some time to get used to their habits and their rules, but one thing remains a mystery: sometimes, when they’ve misbehaved, your stepsisters get spanked. You’ve listened through the door, heard their yelps, seen them rubbing their sore backsides afterwards. You’ve never been spanked before, and you can’t help but be curious.

As your stepmother drives you home from school one day you make your request – will she spank you, just this once, just so you can find out what it’s like?

She’s surprised at first, but she’s happy to satisfy your curiosity. She has one warning, however: the fact that you’re such a good boy doesn’t mean she’ll go easy on you.

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Good Boys Need Spanking Too - Behind the Scenes

We don’t normally have behind the scenes videos for solo custom POV films, but this one was a bit more involved. Join Nimue and Blake as they try and remember their lines, struggle through the awkwardness of filming half of a conversation without anyone there to talk to (like a proper actor!), and solve mysteries such as how to drag your camera operator upstairs by the wrist and pull them over the knee without disturbing the shot, and whether a riding crop will fit in a drawer!


18 Responses

  1. Absence makes the bottom sting longer. I love the glow of your face in this, Pandora–especially that loving maternal glow right at the end X

    1. You come across as a Thunderbird guy whose tastebuds are thereby ruined for champagne.

    2. can you direct me to a movie you have made a positive comment on?
      I think Blakes movies are really good they are allot more diverse than other content out there which allot of the time is same story different faces/bottoms.
      Maybe get a custom made by dreams of spanking and let us see what you want?

      1. Thank you for your support. This commenter is not a member of Dreams and comments the same thing on every new release. I appreciate you defending Dreams – I love this film and I know you do too!

    3. I guess all perspectives are er welcome.
      There is a lot of frustration around amongst consumers of Spanking Fayre & Adult Services beyond
      at present for many reasons.
      A great deal of digging is required to find much useable.
      This takes time and money but is fun.
      As a recent Zoe Page Interview in Canada Highlighted The whole Spanking scene seems to be reverting to
      the closeted 1950s.
      The ‘legacy’& ‘pioneering’seem to have gone largely for naught by 2023 with the well known organiser predicting
      things reverting to very secret 12 person events to those in the know.
      Perhaps the huge production has over flogged the market.
      However Ive always found Pandoras efforts exciting and avant garde even if they dont valways hit the mark.
      Trying is more important than nothing.
      This is the very best art milieau-a bevy of’ not good enoughs’ and flops star studded with the ocassional diamond in the mud
      of stellar genius proportions!
      Keep digging!

      1. ‘Exciting and avant-garde’, I like that! It’s natural that not every release will be a perfect fit for every single customer all the time, life would be very boring if we were all the same!

  2. A lovely film.

    There is a nice moment halfway through, when either Elsie or Caroline asks if Mark is going to get a spanking and Pandora answers to the affirmative. I can imagine the girls are delighted that their step brother is to have his bottom spanked, especially after he has asked them about their Mother disciplining them.

    As for Pandora’s character, surprised as she was by Mark’s request, by the end of the film she seems very happy that she has spanked him. The experience has brought them closer and far from being “just this once” it looks very much like she anticipates having to spank him again in the future.

    1. My reading of that is the girls might be more curious as to why? He’s new to their mum’s way of doing things. They get to go to the shop he didn’t he had to stay in the car. Did something happen at school?
      And maybe Mark is finding it really difficult, he’s in a new enviroment with new rules and expectations he’s heard his stepsisters being spanked, he’s misbehaved and only was put on the “naughty step” is he being treated differently? does he desperatly want to belong. I would say his expiernece will probably be enough that his next visit over mum’s knee will be deserved. As blake says she expects it will happen he’s not an angel. But maybe he’s taken that next step to feeling secure.

    2. I love that interpretation of it! The beauty of POV films is how we can insert our own dialogue to spin the scenario to fit our own fantasies.

  3. The art of savoir faire is an art of knowing one’s place, and that place is over his new mum’s knee–without the protection of his underpants; a healing intimacy to show he really belongs.

    1. Absolutely right! He needed it, and he’ll be craving another one very soon. The camera really captured my glow for this one! Thank you for your support, especially with the negative comment x

  4. Great content as always pandora.The scenario I would like to try with the district governess giving a proper hairbrush spanking over her knees until she is satisfied.

  5. Back again for an update browse after months long abscences due to UK Internet Providor
    getting stricter with Adult Filter.& on monetised crackdown.
    Its no longer a Credit card now over a phone,its a personal presentation of ones passport
    address DOB and the like.
    I though fine Ive nothing to hide but the hoops you need to jump thru to get this filter
    lifted now on their internal messaging system are unbelievable.
    It also comes with dirty looks and prying expressions from staff.
    Highly off putting.
    Made to feel like real freak going on a local ‘Benders’list!
    The Scene is going backwards

  6. This looks an interesting movie though surprised at the preview consists largely of ‘outakes’
    showing the very professional production process behind the scenes.
    In that as a movie offering it is rather unusual.
    Do hope it can be released on C4S I know not all of them can due to copyright agreements

    1. The preview is not outtakes – rather, it’s the opening scene of the film set in the car with the POV of the spankee speaking with their stepmother. This scene will be available on C4S on 11th December x

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