Spanking Massage Parlour – part 2

Film (15.38 mins) plus 24 photos
In part 2 of Talia Lane’s erotic massage, Pandora Blake builds a rhythm with the flogger on Talia’s back and bum, then delivers hard strokes with the leather strap on her bare bottom.

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In part 2 of Talia Lane’s erotic massage, Pandora Blake builds a rhythm with the flogger on Talia’s back and bum, then delivers hard strokes with the leather strap on her bare bottom.

“We all deserve a little indulgence now and again.” – Never were truer words spoken, as Pandora Blake treats Talia Lane to an indulgent flogging, lots of bottom massage and a thorough strapping.

In part I of this erotic massage scene, Mistress Talia Lane requested a hand spanking to warm her up – and help her relax after a long day. Masseuse Pandora Blake was only too happy to oblige, and now that Talia’s bottom is glowing a beautiful bright red, it’s time for part II: her next treatment.

Pandora helps her remove her dress so she can lie relaxed and exposed on the bed. Then, as Talia smiles and moans with pleasure, Pandora treats her to a sensual flogging. Her pale skin quickly turns pink, and Talia grins and giggles with delight as the flogger lands with satisfying thwacks.

But the most relaxing massages are the ones which get right into the muscle, so Pandora finishes with the spanking equivalent of a deep-tissue massage: some intense strokes with the long leather strap across Talia’s full bottom.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Spanking Massage Parlour – part 2 - Behind the Scenes

As is befitting a spanking massage parlour, the atmosphere on set is peaceful and relaxed – you can tell as much from the blissful look on Talia’s face. Explicit consent is the keyword to the treatment menu here; she holds the reins and selects exactly the treatments she wants to receive, keeping communication with Pandora open during filming. Meanwhile, Talia’s real-life partner David Weston looks on lovingly from the side lines, snapping a picture of her beautifully marked bottom and excitedly showing her the results. You will be nodding in agreement when Pandora exclaims, “I want this to exist!”


3 Responses

  1. … has to be the world’s best CP implement! Capable of delivering sensations ranging from light as a feather with the softer side, to sharp and stingy on the harder, shiny leather side. (Can’t wait till I get my own!) And do you know, with the temporary loss of ‘Dreams’ and the associated videos, I had quite forgotten just how gorgeous Talia is. A stunning lady with a beautiful, curvy peachy bottom. Thanks to both of you for a lovely video 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous! I would love to do a scene like this. It looks so lovely and relaxing. I’ve never had the chance to play with a flogger, but I always imagined I would enjoy it. If this video is any indication, I would! Plus that strap looks amazing.

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