Your Ex-Girlfriend's Judicial Revenge - audio porn story for Dreams of Spanking

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You’d think one severe judicial spanking for violating lockdown rules would be enough, wouldn’t you? Apparently not: you’ve been out at all hours again, flaunting your selfish misbehaviours clear across town. When your correctional officer got wind of this, she knew she had the authority to pull you back into her punishment chambers for the caning of a lifetime.

She didn’t, though, not right away. Instead she did a little research: what could she do that would really get through to you? When she found the ex-girlfriend you cheated on and ghosted, she knew she was onto something. Particularly when said ex-girlfriend showed some interest in being trained up as a correctional officer…
Now you’ve received your summons, in the form of an audio file. You know the rules: you’re to listen to it half-naked, bottom bared, bent forward over a chair as you discover what they’ve got in store.

So what are you waiting for?


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