Nimue’s Birthday Beating

Film (28:22 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Preview image for Nimue's Birthday Beating, with Nimue bent bare bottom over the vaulting horse while Pandora Blake gives her a cold caning wearing red lacy lingerie

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It’s the evening of Nimue’s birthday, and Blake has a particular treat in mind for her: thirty-nine hard, carefully counted strokes of the cane, one for every year. Nimue and Blake are close friends away from the camera, and have been playing together for over a decade – this is a beautifully candid slice-of-life film that gives a little peek into the offscreen spanking lives of some of our team.

Starting with a red, warmed-up bottom and bent over the spanking bench, Blake and Nimue work through a long, slow caning together as they both fall gradually more and more into the headspace of it. By the end Nimue is beautifully striped and deeply focused on the sensations, Blake landing each stroke with careful attention.

We turned the camera on to have the memory for ourselves, and then decided that you lot might enjoy a peek of our personal play relationship. We hope you enjoy this sensuous treat as much as we did – and a very happy 39th birthday to Nimue Allen from the entire team.

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