The Teachers’ Lounge

Film (17:13 mins) with 33 screengrabs
Pandora Blake stands ready to hit Nicky Montfords bottom with a strap. Pandora wears a smart black shirt and a tight grey pencil skirt, Nicky is laying face down over a vaulting horse wearing blue gym knickers and a white top.

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Nicky Montford is a Good Girl. She gets top marks, always turns her homework in on time and stays well clear of trouble – but in private moments she can’t help but fantasise about what happens to the less well-behaved young ladies who attend her school. These idle wonderings have become such a preoccupation that they’re coming out in her everyday work: long, dwelling speculations about the punishment scene in Taming of the Shrew, a tendency to wear her gym knickers just a little tighter than the other girls.

It’s not long before Mx. Blake picks up on Nicky’s fantasies. Of all the teachers at the school, they’re the most enthusiastic about the art of a good spanking – so much so that they host a top secret after-school club for girls just like Nicky who want to explore pain and sensation without having to earn a detention to do it.

Nicky’s keen, albeit a little shy. To help her feel more prepared, Mx. Blake offers her a private session first right there in their office. They start slow and work up gradually, exploring different straps before moving on to a heavier tawse. By the end Nicky’s exposed bottom is striped and glowing, marks too obvious for her tiny PE kit to hide as she walks back to her dorm. She’ll definitely be attending her new extra-curricular activity come Friday night!


Preview Gallery

The Teachers’ Lounge - Behind the Scenes

Between the artwork on the walls, the content of the readings and the tightness of the uniform, we’ve all got a lot of questions about just what kind of an establishment Mx. Blake is running here! Combined with a little on-the-fly rewrite to accommodate Nicky’s gorgeous cane stripes from an earlier shoot, there was plenty to discuss backstage for this one.


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  1. A very sweet little scene. I love watching Blakes technique with the strap. Can relate to many of the comments about trips to museums. nut then in my day we had the reality to. But visiting places like the Black County Museum, Beamish or the Ulster Folk and transport museum can let the imagination run free.

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