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Pandora Blake grabs their red spanked bottom

I have something of a love-hate relationship with the clothes brush. I know how much it hurts, but at the same time I find it undeniably erotic. Its effect is a combination of sting and thud: the best of both worlds – or is it the worst? The pain of it can make me squirm and howl, but all the time there are those lovely feelings of helplessness, and the slow burn of arousal that grows with every heavy thump on my poor thighs and bottom.

It’s an implement that means a lot to me, so I decided to do a photoset showing just what a spanking with the brush is like for me. This fantasy starts with me knowing that I’m in for a serious punishment. I’m wearing my shortest denim shorts, because my disciplinarian likes to see me in skimpy clothes. I’m told to bend over and spread my legs, ready for the brush. The first strokes are almost pleasurable, but my mind is racing ahead to how it will feel when my shorts come down and I’m left with only my little lacy panties for protection. I can’t help giving my poor hot bottom a comforting rub halfway through my punishment. You can see how much my cheeks have pinkened.

The final six are on the bare, and they really, really hurt, but the sensation is still undeniably erotic. When I’m sent to stand nose to the wall and think about my behaviour, I’m a lot more aroused than repentant, which I’m sure you will agree is very naughty of me. I want to give my burning bottom another rub, but I’m made to stand with my hands on my head. I wonder what will happen if I disobey instructions again…


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11 Responses

  1. Hi Pandora and team
    Those brushes are excellent easy to hold and work with whether playing together or playing solo!
    they give such a wonderful smack to the bottom and are resilient and tough!
    Oh if you get tired walloping..switch to the bristle side and let them work their magic on your toasted cheeks Mmmmm!
    Regards BBJ XX

  2. Whilst a rattan cane or wooden paddle, is purpose made for the punishment of boys and girls. The clothes brush and hairbrush are intended for some thing entirely different but by chance are perfect for administering domestic discipline. There’s nothing quite like the whacking sound a wooden brush makes when it strikes it’s target or the painful sensation it causes.

    What a beautiful photoset, Pandora looks so lovely and I definitely think this is how a brush should be used. First with Pandora fully clothed, then spanked over her knickers and finally on her bare bottom.

    Another thing. It made me listen once more to the Dreams of Spanking audio story, “Aunt Gillian’s Hairbrush”. A wonderful story, where Pandora perfectly describes the feelings of her character as she first witnesses Aunt Gillian spank her cousins before she is thoroughly spanked her self.

  3. Pandora and team how long between shoots do you get to rest up?
    Do you guys ever worry about damage to your butts?
    Just curious xx

  4. Yes, I think this is my favourite instrument for playing solo as it happens… Although it’s fearsome in the hands of someone else!

  5. Domestic brushes are a gift aren’t they? There’s nothing like them!

    Ah yes, that audio story was a lot of fun. It’s lovely to be reminded of it!

  6. Hiya,

    These days I only shoot a handful of times a year. In the old days before the legal troubles when I was still able to update Dreams of Spanking every week, we would get together for a week once a year and shoot a lot of scenes in one go. It would be like a little kinky holiday. Our bums would get sore after a couple of days but I’m quite good at pacing myself and scheduling scenes in the right order. Also we’d take it in turns to receive to give each other a break. Then there’d be a few weeks or months before the next shoot. Hope that answers your question!

  7. Hi Pandora
    It sounds like a well oiled machine but you guys would have disappeared long ago if your franchise wasn’t so groundbreaking..forward thinking..and still so well loved and successful.
    That’s what makes Dreams of spanking such an inspiring diverse fetish site…and don’t forget you enjoy what you do!
    We the happy viewers and subscribers salute you
    BBJ xx

  8. I was lucky enough to experience a good hairbrushing over Pandora’s knee,I too find it stings and burns like crazy,but something I had to experience,nothing like being properly disciplined.I had other implements afterwards that left me on a high for days.

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