Just Wait Til I Get You Home

Film (12:24) with 27 screengrabs
Preview image for Just Wait til I Get You Home. Pandora Blake, wearing a dress and glasses, leans forwards and scolds you

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It’s female domination, with a twist. In this POV porn film, you’re a naughty boy – or perhaps a naughty girl – on the receiving end of housewife Pandora Blake’s ire. You are taken aside at a public event, and she has heard all about your bad behaviour – getting into fights, stealing other people’s birthday cake …  Pandora is appalled. She assures you that when you get home, you’re both going straight over her knee for a severe spanking. A cherry red bottom is in your near future, and neither tears nor protests will get you off the hook. It’s what a naughty one like you deserves. Should you misbehave again she will not hesitate to take you over her knee right then and there – and yes, that would be embarrassing!

On the phone with a friend, Pandora vents about your behaviour of late. She explains why she thinks spanking is the best way to deal with naughtiness like this on the spot. You hear all about past incidents like the mess you made in the foyer tea room at church the other week; or that time in the department store ladies cloakrooms… not to mention the disaster at the recent coffee morning! All her lady friends were watching you be taken over the knee, but there was no help for it.

While Pandora waits for you and her other charge to get ready to go home, she realises she can't find her phone. As she searches for it down the back of the sofa and behind the cushions, her beautifully rounded bottom wriggles teasingly under the skirt of her floral dress. And before she leaves, she gives her housewife friend a wink, whisks up the hem of her dress, and pulls down her tights, giving her knicker-clad bottom a cheeky spank as she repeats exactly what you’re in for when you get home.

Commissioned as a custom femdom POV porn film, this scene will bring you right into the picture, and have you squirming in your seat.

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5 Responses

  1. Pandora you are giving us a severe telling off as we deserve and when we are home aregoing otks for spanked botties from our big sis. very good from the trailer ,best spanks from Tim x

  2. lol. Like Pandora’s recent POV video where she is a spanking school teacher, she talks about her spanking of naughty girls and boys, but ends up showing her own bottom!!

    I wonder what it would be like if you did a film where a cameraperson representing “me”, was called over your lap and spanked. Of course it means the camera would be pointing at the floor most of the time, but we’d see the impact of the spanking and hear Pandora’s sexy, seductive comments. Maybe at the end Pandora could hold a mirror up and show the spankee’s bare bottom and we could imagine it is our own bottom.

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