A Spot of Bother

Film (13:47 mins) with 24 photographs
Forrest bends over with a bare bottom, as Blake prepares to cane him

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This queer pastiche of ‘traditional’ British male spanking is a true Wodehousian romp. When Charlie Forrest gets himself into a spot of bother, Blake must give the gentleman’s gentleman what for!

Forrest is a fine gentleman and a finer manservant, but there is one thing he cannot bear: to have his employer Mr Blake ridiculed in his hearing. When Blake finds himself bailing Forrest out after a night in the cells, he feels that he has no choice but to take the matter into his own hands.

After a little hand spanking to warm him up, Blake reaches for his cane – something he presumably hasn’t done since he left Eton. Six of the best strokes later (plus one for luck!) Forrest has a beautifully caned bottom, red-cheeked and rosy.

This charming, funny gay spanking film is a fond send-up of that most quintessentially British of things: the simmering sexual tension between a gentleman and his right hand man. They don’t call it “the English vice” for nothing

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