Bonus gallery of 28 photographs
Preview image for Spank Me in Stockings. Pandora Blake kneels on the floor, leaning on the sofa, her frilly skirt raised to show her suspender belt and knickers. She is also wearing stockings which say "Spank Me" on them.

This bonus photogallery wasn't planned. Tom took these photos of me during our date last Sunday; I dressed up for him, and he took some photos thinking that perhaps one or two might be good enough to publish on my blog. I wasn't wearing make-up, and without it, being photographed made me feel unusually shy and vulnerable.

The outfit made me feel like a Moulin Rouge girl, a courtesan sent to please a prestigious client with sophisticated tastes. The scene that followed included over the knee hand spanking, the wooden hairbrush on my bottom and thighs, anal exposure, embarrassment and a butt plug that stayed in while he continued to spank me with hairbrush, leather strap, paddle and cane. It was an incredibly erotic scene and Tom continued to take pictures throughout the spanking. Only when our afternoon got much more sexually explicit was the camera left behind.

When I came to look through the photos, to my surprise I realised they were good enough to share. I've never posted photos of me without make-up on this site before. It's yet another act of exposure that makes me feel shy and vulnerable all over again.

These pictures weren't intended for publication, and they weren't staged. This is raw, homegrown, all-natural kink. No make-up, no artifice, just me and my top doing what we do. Enjoy!  


Preview Gallery

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  1. Pandora – you look just sensational! And what a fab outfit 😉 Would love to see your ra-ra skirt again in a later Dreams video. Keeping with the burlesque and Moulin Rouge theme, “Can- Can Caning” springs to mind as a possible title!

  2. Pandora, this is an amazingly intimate and sexy set of photos. Thank you for sharing them. They are all the more endearing because of the natural unmade-up style. I love the way the results of spanking appear progressively through the set – must have been a good firm session. And of course, those stockings are absolutely delightful. I can only say from a personal point of view, more please whenever you and others feel like adorning your legs (and bottoms!) with nylon.

  3. This set of photographs further emphasises the uniqueness of this website and the magic ingredient that is Thomas and Pandora and is the foundation for great things to come. You really do entertain us! Thank you!

  4. Q. Spank me in stockings? A. Yes please !!!!!

    Pandora…… are simply stunningly naturally beautiful……….xxx

    Thank you for posting these gorgeous pictures……….shy girl……..

  5. This site is getting kind of kinky, I don’t know how Holy Father feels about me coming here.

    Nice stockings.

  6. Using the name of a heathen God and a pretty hedonistic one at that, is perhaps not a good start.

  7. You’re welcome! I’m really glad you like it. The escapist fantasies are lots of fun but I do like to keep it real as well from time to time 🙂

  8. I didn’t say I cared what he thought, him not liking makes my job easier. I feel a need to keep sinning so Jesus didn’t die for nothing. Wouldn’t want that.

  9. As long as I don’t have to be able to can-can, I’m in! (I can’t-can’t).

  10. Thank you! If you want to send your choice of nylons to me, I will gladly use them in a video 😉

    Joking aside, yeah, it was a pretty firm session, especially the OTK hairbrushing. For some reason that day I couldn’t cope with the cane, but I couldn’t get enough of the hairbrush! A total reversal of my usual preferences.

  11. Love that comment about the hairbrush, and used in a measured but firm and skilful way, just so good. As it’s such a personal and intimate item, I wonder if your preference for it on that day was because it fitted the intimate and private mood. (Even though, of course, you have generously gone on to share some of that private mood in this series of shots!)

    Goodness, as to nylons, ta for the invite to make suggestions. There are lots that lovely. Some that I think are elegant and attractive are Jonathan Aston Cuban Heel Stripe Back Seam Tights; Oroblu Riga 20 Seamed Tights; Levante Vanessa Stockings and Glamory Delight 20 Denier Seamed Stockings (the last I just saw on the web, but they look fine with a hint of retro, which is something that goes well with a number of the themes on DoS. )

  12. Oh yes more of this please! Very sexy pics Pandora, have u ever considered a scene with spanking and figging?

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