Aroused Disciplinarian

Film (9:47) with 54 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, dressed in a dress and stockings, panties lowered to her thighs spanks herself with a ruler

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This delicious follow-up to The Naughty Nanny takes up where the first one left off. Lady of the house Pandora Blake is now upstairs, confiding in the viewer just how exciting she found it to administer a well-deserved disciplinary spanking to the hapless nanny – and how she really wishes there was someone to do the same to her.

This film practically throbs with anticipation as Pandora relates her feelings: how much she enjoyed spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford, and how she wishes she could do it more often. And the fact that her husband isn’t interested in taking her in hand and giving her what she needs. She picks up the wooden ruler and plays with it, reminiscing about how it feels, and you can almost taste her frustration.

Before long she decides that she simply must give herself a little of what she gave the nanny. She raises her tight vintage dress, revealing a pair of sheer black knickers. What a waste to have an arse like this and no one willing to spank it! Kneeling on the bed, she uses the ruler on herself – first over her knickers and then, because it doesn’t hurt enough yet, on the bare.

With contrast to Amelia’s outraged reactions, Pandora squirms with pleasure and almost purrs with every stroke she gives herself. She’s pretty accurate with the ruler, managing to bring up a well-placed set of red marks on both her bum cheeks. The strokes are obviously hard, and obviously enjoyable. A simple and effective film for fans of traditional domestic discipline – with a seasoning of kinky pleasure thrown in.

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6 Responses

  1. Lovely images as always Pandora and Co.
    See we may all be stuck inside but we can all be getting on with some productive self spanking to warm the cockles of our hearts and bottoms.
    Stay safe everyone
    BBJ xx

  2. Exactly! I didn’t realise how timely and appropriate this film would turn out to be when we shot it, but it’s worked out rather well I feel!

  3. A wonderful companion to the film with Amelia and it was good to watch the original film for a second time, knowing what was going through the mind of Pandora’s character and that however necessary it was to punish her children’s nanny, she enjoyed delivering every single smack.

    I am sure that when it was still permissible for the lady of the house to administer corporal punishment on her staff, there would be plenty of house wives like Pandora, looking for an excuse to do exactly that. The delight such a lady would feel to find the stable in disarray, so that she has a good excuse to use her new riding crop on the handsome young stable boy. The excitement of hearing the crash of crockery, not knowing yet which maid is responsible but knowing full well when she does and the pieces of crockery have been swept up, she will have ample reason to give the unfortunate girl a good spanking.

    But back to Pandora’s character.

    She does seem some what bored of her husband and in this imaginary World I am rather hoping that he might perhaps some day meet an unfortunate accident, so that as a wealthy widow she will be able to marry some one more suitable.

    Of course she’d still be looking for excuses to punish the lads and girls in her charge. But she’d also be thinking of ways to make her new husband angry, a sarcastic comment here, a mocking laugh there. Until he loses his cool and unwittingly he gives her exactly what she wants and once again it is Pandora who is soundly spanked, just as when she was a little girl.

  4. Superb film Pandora, although I do think this character needs to get a new husband – i would spank her without hesitation! It is always hot to see someone really wanting to be spanked and sexily verbalising it.

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