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A very pregnant Pandora Blake lounges on a sofa, red satin nightie falling open over their bump

I shot these photos with my partner and best friend when I was nine months pregnant. Those months were a profound experience for me. One of rediscovering my body, enjoying and enduring intense new sensations, and stepping into my sexual power.

For me, late pregnancy was a very erotic time. Radiant with life energy and with a head full of horny thoughts, I take great pleasure in showing off my newly voluptuous figure. A little black dress takes on new dimensions as it clings to my heavily pregnant curves. A wine-red silk nightgown drapes elegantly over my bump. The long slit at the front parts teasingly to reveal the pale mound of my pregnant belly. Shoulder straps slip all-too-easily down my arms, giving you a view of swollen nipples eager to be touched.

Sheer lingerie lifts my full breasts, exposing the glorious curvature of my pregnant bump. When I turn around, you see a cut-out in my knickers, teasing you with a glimpse of my plump bottom. Yes, I may be pregnant but I still want to be touched, and spanked – and fucked!

Finally I bare all: a celebration of round curves, soft skin glowing with life. These photos capture the peak of my pregnancy, my body is coming into its strength. Less than four weeks later, my child was born. It’s a liminal, life-changing moment, and one I’m proud to share with you.

Photographers: Nimue Allen, Felix


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10 Responses

  1. Wonderful!….looking amazing and in full bloom of pending motherhood simply lovely pictures
    BBJ xx

  2. Where are the baby pics then?! I’m sure you have loads and we’d love to see one or two!

  3. I don’t know what on earth’s got into Bacchus and I’m sure you’ll ignore him or her – not very nice in the circumstances though.

  4. Indeed! I don’t think this is an appropriate forum for nasty speculation about my parenting choices, so I’ve deleted the thread.

  5. Aww, thanks for your interest! I’m not sharing any info about my child in porn spaces. That’s the healthy boundary I’ve set to keep my family life private. When I was pregnant I was happy sharing pics as it was still my body. Now my child is their own person, I want to respect their privacy. That’s just where I’ve chosen to draw the line although others make different choices, and that’s fine too!

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