Spanking Zahra Stardust

Film (23:39) with 35 photographs
Preview image for Spanking Zahra Stardust. Zahra Stardust lays on the bed, her hips raised by pillows, as Pandora Blake straps her bottom

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Pandora Blake gets the pleasure of spanking the gorgeous Zahra Stardust. Zahra – an Australian porn star, pole-dancing champion, political activist and candidate for the Australian Sex Party – has plenty of hot porn shoots under her belt, as well as being voted ‘Heart Throb of the Year’ at the Feminist Porn Awards 2014, the day after this film was shot. On top of this, she just happens to be an utterly gorgeous woman who is very keen to get her bottom spanked.

Having heard rumours about Zahra’s desire for a spanking, Pandora stops by her hotel room and offers to satisfy her curiosity. Zahra answers the door dressed in pink latex skirt and sheer knickers, and is clearly intrigued by the idea. It doesn’t take long for Pandora to take Zahra over her knee.

The sensual warm-up spanking gets Zahra moaning with pleasure. Pandora slips her sheer knickers down to display her glowing bottom, and the beautiful pearl thong nestled up against the lips of her cunt.

Next they move to the bed, where Pandora gives Zahra a taste of the strap. As Zahra moans, sighs, and grips the pillows, it gives Pandora an idea. She tells Zahra to fetch her Hitachi Magic Wand, and use it on herself while she continues to be spanked, groped, squeezed and played with. As she builds to a climax, Zahra encourages Pandora to grip her tightly by the throat, choking her as she brings herself to a delicious orgasm.

Music: DeathBoy

Photography: Luke

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Spanking Zahra Stardust - Behind the Scenes

It was supposed to be an interview. Pandora knew she’d be meeting up with Zahara during the Porn Awards, so she decided to say hello before the celebrations really began; after all, who could resist that smirk?

Before long, however, it became clear that Zahara was interested in more than just a few questions. And once she was over Pandora’s lap…well, who could say no to that?

Join these two consummate professionals for a decadent session that covers flirtation, negotiation and climax, complete with Zahra’s first introduction to Pandora’s favourite heavy leather strap.


14 responses

  1. Thank you Pandora and Zahra for this gorgeous film. This is a superb example of a really erotic spanking between two women. I really appreciate the skill demonstrated here. The light spanks gradually building in strength and slappiness as the spankee’s bottom warms up. And then after a while some fairly full blooded slaps are possible which clearly Zahra feels but which give such heightened pleasure. The closed finger technique is very interesting – still slappy and certainly not punching but giving an added strength to the hand swats I suspect. I like the way this technique is used again on the bed once things have moved on a bit.
    The bed session with the strap and then Zahra stimulating herself as the spanking continues is a showcase of erotic ecstasy. I thought the photography in this part of the film especially was really well thought through because of the focus on Zahra’s face and particularly her eyes. The wincing and eye closing at the moment the strap is heard to make contact is captured very well by Luke/Ms Naughty on the technical side. This focus on Zahra’s facial reactions also captures a wince in anticipation at one point, when in fact Pandora is just changing sides! Overall some great camera angles all through. The imaginative use of the camera really makes the DoS films stand out from the crowd in my opinion and really engage the viewer. Love it.

  2. WOW amazing performances from both Pandora and Zahra.
    Love the way the line “we’ve got time for a little CHAT” , where the word Chat syncs perfectly with the first glimpse of Zahra beautiful panty-clad bottom…..oh yes we already know what’s on Pandora’s mind.

    WOW the clenched fist spanking looks like a lot of fun, I would luv to see what that feels like in the future.

    The hand spanking is so precise and perfect on Zahra’s bottom however the introduction of “Nice hard slow thuddy spanks” were very well received.

    The strapping part reminded me a lot of Pandora strapping Michael Darling in Stableboy, really hard but beautifully delivered.

    The editing on this film is just superb all the cut-a-ways, on to Zahra’s eyes and hands as she’s taking her strapping and other punishments.

    I somehow feel these two gorgeous ladies completely lost themselves in the moment and went way over their 20 minutes, but who cares, what an amazing reason to be late for the main Porn Awards event !!

    Thank you so much Pandora and Zahra for a wonderfully gorgeous scene.

    I always say it, thanks to all the crew and behind the scene techies too who help make this happen.

  3. Thanks so much! It was an absolute delight to meet and work with an incredible performer like Zahra!

  4. Thanks Yianni! I learned how to give sensual warm-ups from Zoe and Molly – two of the very best. Pleasure spankings are now my favourite kind of spanking to give.

    I’m really happy with the camera work here – Luke and Ms Naughty are a technical dream team. The close-up shots on Zahra’s hand and face were Ms Naughty’s doing and they really did work well.

    When Zahra told me she liked to have her bottom punched, I hadn’t tried it before but was keen to learn. I think using the front or side of the fist it could be described as “pummelling” more than punching, which implies using the knuckles. It gives a really good, deep, thuddy sensation and has proved very popular when I’ve used it in other scenes since then. I’m indebted to Zahra for opening my eyes to the joys of butt punching!

  5. Thanks John! I’m glad you enjoyed this one, it was so much fun to shoot and edit. Ms Naughty and Luke are amazing videographers, I really wish I could work with them more regularly!

    Luckily we were shooting this at 8am the day before the Awards (the only aspect in which this scenario indulges in fiction) so we weren’t actually late for anything… but it did make for a lovely long film even after cutting a certain amount out of the final edit down to make it flow as well as possible.

    I really loved working with Zahra and getting to know her as a person, and hope I have the chance to shoot with this amazing lady again sometime!

  6. That is a very beautiful scene.
    It seemed like Zhara had a genuine orgasm which makes me happy.
    I really wish that the women who help me cum would have genuine orgasms themselves and also that they would be well paid.
    I think that most men who use porn would feel this way.
    It is natural for a man to feel affection toward a woman who brings him to sexual climax.
    When a woman exposes herself and engages in sexual play to please me I feel grateful.
    I really enjoy spanking and BDSM however I don’t enjoy the idea that my orgasm harms the women in the video.
    I am not sure if that makes sense to anyone.
    I really want to see women expose their bodies and submit to spanking but I want desperately for those same women to enjoy the experience as much as I do.
    I enjoy it an awful lot.

  7. Sarah’s choice of underwear make the scene for me. So hot! Also it’s so cute how she laughs after she cums, awww what a gorgeous lady

  8. Sarah’s choice of underwear make the scene for me. So hot! Also it’s so cute how she laughs after she cums, awww what a gorgeous lady

  9. Wow! I really shouldn’t watch this before I go to work! I’m all of a fluster!! Oh wow!

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