The Cane and the Curious

Film (16:50 mins) with 87 screengrabs
Pandora stands in her prefect uniform next to Clara who is holding a cane

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For years now, Prefect Blake has been bringing errant students before the Headmistress. They rose above the competition to claim the prefect’s badge, and have always done their best to live up to it. Their marks are high and their record exemplary. When they find one of their schoolmates behaving otherwise, their job is simple – take the offending pupil to Miss Hewitt’s office, stand up straight and keep a clear count of the strokes.

They’re nearing the end of their school career now, almost done with pressing their uniform and doling out detentions, and they’ve watched more spankings than they can remember. It’s only natural, surely, that they should have become a little curious.

So they’ve come up with a plan…

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The Cane and the Curious - Behind the Scenes

The trouble with beautiful location shoots is that they aren’t always as practical as one might hope! This film benefited hugely from the gorgeous timbered room that doubled as a private school teacher’s personal lounge – but fitting the camera in and getting the angles right took a few goes. We’ve rounded up some clips for you, complete with our usual backstage quips and giggles.



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End of Shoot with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow

It’s been a hard day’s work, and – still in their neat, pleated uniforms – Clara, Pandora and Willow break open the bubbly and curl up on the sofa for a tired-but-celebratory chat. It’s a chance for the three of them to discuss the stuff they’ve filmed together that day, figure out their favourites and hatch a few potential future plans – including a surprisingly sexy twist on the ever-popular boarding school fantasy!

Tastefully Weird with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow

Our recent weekend-long shoot with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow produced some of our very hottest films, and as a bonus extra we snuck time for a chat. Listen in as we cover how they got started in sex work, what the differences are between their personal and professional kinky personas, and how they coped with the various pandemic-related restrictions of the past eighteen months. They’re consummate professionals with years of experience and they found their own ways to work through Covid – some a little more unconventional than others! We also get to learn about a particularly special niche Clara has cornered…
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13 Responses

  1. what a jolly chemistry between the 3 of you. i hope to see more of your work together.
    Ms Hewitt encapsulates the perfect female head. and its a thrilling contrast when she transforms into a perfect bottom as she privileged us with in a previous week.
    lovely Willows cheeky quip made me laugh out loud. and delicious to see her smart arse remark get rewarded with a smarting arse .
    Pandoras recent andogynous style continues to tantalise and intrigue. i saw many boys seats upturned for the cane at my school. it often triggered a frisson. the thwack of the cane on Pandoras curvacious trouser seat is exactly how it sounded and reminds me also of how it stung when i was in that position myself. a frisson that fizzes and fries.

  2. What perfect performances and posteriors! Thank you. Your work is amazing and captures such powerful and sublime undertones. Miss Hewitt firm but fair with her beautiful precise language and mellifluous voice – and clearly enjoying her role a little more than she really ought. Cheeky Willow, firmly independent and defiant despite her punishment, And mischievous Blake setting herself up and talking herself into a caning she secretly craves. It is this very edgy mixture of desire which as well as the glow and confidence of the players is electric. The very best of your work gives one butterflies and makes one weak at the knees. I am all of a tizzy. Thank you so much.

  3. Very nice video girls, Pandora, your “andogynous” style is a bit more BG than PB, but I’ll take you any way, and I’m sure you’ll grow out of it, meanwhile keep up the good work. one small critic is that at the end your dialog was spoken over music which did mush it up slightly for me.

  4. I bet Ms Hewitt is expert at applying the cane to an outstretched palm. I would like to see Pandora in receipt of such treatment. I bet there would be a wonderful dialogue of the eyes.

  5. This review has my cheeks glowing with joy. Thank you for enjoying our content as much as I love making it 🥰

  6. You can tell how much we enjoyed filming together, can’t you? I can feel it through the screen and I was there!
    Willow is so cheeky, I love how she embodied the role of mischevious student don’t you?

  7. We had great fun shooting this film. As for my androgyny, I’ll grow out of it when I grow out of spanking!

  8. It’s good to hear them enjoying themselves afterwards, and not just for ethics reasons.

  9. What a great team, great story. Cheeky willow was hilarious……(Has she a crush on Blake and is it something that may need to be delt with) I can see how queueing for the cane developed out of this type of scenario.

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