Pandora reclines naked on a bed looking up at the camera

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This dark fairytale by Ozma van Aalsburg contains strict sorceresses, magical libraries and over the knee spankings, and will appeal to fans of audio spanking stories.

We love aural spanking stories. Let us take you to a faraway land: a place of rich castles and dark woodlands, where magic is real and disobedient servants get what’s coming to them.

Once upon a time, you see, there was a girl – haughty, noble and proud. As she prepares to take on the mantle that is her birthright, she goes on a long journey… and finds a lot more than she had bargained for!

The Keys to the Kingdom begins in a fairytale castle and ends in a humiliating bare bottom spanking. This is the tale of a young woman’s struggle to prove herself, whatever it takes. Put your headphones in, and let Pandora Blake read you a bedtime story that’s worth staying awake for.


3 Responses

  1. What a wonderful story, a real work of imagination.

    I visualized the girl first in the attire of a young noble woman, then as a maid and finally as a boyish servant. I really didn’t know where this story was heading but I felt strangely pleased for our heroine, when finally the sorceress pulled down her breeches and knickers and gave her the spanking she so needed.

    Some how when Pandora and Ozma tells us how long the spanking lasts, the element of magic makes it completely believable. The sorceress has no need for hairbrush, cane, whip or birch, just the strength and stamina of her hand.

  2. Thanks Patrick! Yes, I liked the costume changes too.
    The ambiguity of that line really pleased me. “And then, the rest of the day.” It’s the erotic punch of the fantasy for me – the bit that gets me wettest. And I like how it could mean that Riva just *feels* like the spanking lasts all day because she sinks into a kind of trance, or whether the sorceress has the power to make it feel longer than it is, or whether the magic is in creating the conditions where a spanking actually can last all day. That elongation of time resonates with the time Riva spent in meditation at the start of the story and just feels totally right in context. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think it really was the remainder of the day. Of course it’s perfectly possible for a spanking to last all day. It certainly is!

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