Introducing Molly Malone

Film (12:41 mins) with 39 screengrabs
Molly and Pandora both smile as Pandora is spanked over Molly's knee

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Molly tells how she discovered her love of spanking, and quickly learned to give as well as receive. When Pandora asks for a demonstration, Molly takes her lover over the knee and makes her purr.

Molly’s debut on Dreams of Spanking was Saddle Sore, the short al fresco film we made for the Bike Smut eco porn festival. Here, I interview my newest lover and performer about how she got into spanking, her experiences in the Sydney spanking scene and our mutual friend Zoe Montana. She tells me about learning to switch, and the differences between spanking men and women. Since Molly hasn’t spanked me on camera yet, I decide to balance things out and ask her for a hand spanking. She’s only too happy to oblige!

This was the first scene of a two day F/F shoot in which the two of us switched as enthusiastically as we do in real life. We had a fabulous time, and filmed a whole range of creative, funny, sexy spanking scenarios which I can’t wait to share with you. Click here for more details and preview photos from this shoot, and here to read more about the story behind this scene.

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5 Responses

  1. Lovely birthday spanking to go with your strapping from Tom. I could see that you really enjoyed the experience with Molly.
    I totally agree with the comments about girls bottoms, I just can’t keep my hands off my girlfriend’s bum. Sadly she isn’t into spanking at all and she has a very nice black bum, not too big, just well rounded.
    You don’t seem to see many black girls on spanking sites , a great pity.

  2. Molly gives you big spanks ,very nice ,Pandora is there a way of joining your site as a paid recurring member? ,love and spanks,Timxx

  3. Not yet Tim, just the 3 month membership for a better value longer term subscription. Thanks 🙂

  4. Being spanked by Molly is always a pleasure. Girls and boys tend to have differently enjoyable bottoms; if you like both I suppose you might have a preference for the one you don’t get to play with as often. Sorry to hear your girlfriend isn’t into spanking, what a shame for you – and a waste of a lovely bum from the sound of it!

    The question of race within spanking is an interesting one; I think there are lots of factors. As a white person I imagine it’s quite unlikely I’m aware of them all. I’d love to see a wider diversity of skin colour within spanking porn and on this site as well. Hoping to shoot with Danielle Hunt later this year but really I think I need to be on the lookout for new talent!

  5. Molly is a lovely young spanko girl who is great on your site Pandora ,best spanks,Timx

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