Caning Makes Me Giggle

Film (9:26) with 45 screengrabs
Preview image for Caning Makes Me Giggle. Pandora Blake lies on the bed, her skirt lifted and knickers pulled down as Paul Kennedy canes her

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Pandora has a new cane she wants to try, and Paul is more than happy to give her a taste of it. Pandora lifts her bottom for a hard, consensual caning that makes her giggle with pleasure.

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Caning Makes Me Giggle - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes on the filming of ‘Caning Makes Me Giggle’, with Mila Kohl helping out behind the camera. Paul and Pandora set up lights and cameras, choose a position and a cane, and fuss Fatface the cat, who stays in exactly the same spot throughout!



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Mila and Paul

Pandora talks to Mila, Paul (and Mila’s giraffe Henry) about their first shoot for Dreams of Spanking. Mila tells how she got into spanking modelling, and about her relationship with spanking in her personal life. Paul talks about what it’s like, as a site owner and director himself, to work for someone else. We loved working with Mila and Paul, and hope to get both of them back on the site before too long!

12 Responses

  1. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a spankee who receives the cane better than Pandora. Undoubtedly, she likes it and at the end of the caning, her ample (not big!!) bottom in read with pink stripes is pure Fauvist art. Pandora you are the greatest and not only receiving canings.

  2. Just what I like. A caning for pleasure should make both of you giggle. A pity they have to end eventually. So easy to make cheeky remarks to get extra.

  3. During this one I definitely felt like I could have carried on for longer! There will be more canings 🙂

  4. Thank you Sheldon! I wonder if there is a market for Fauvist paintings of caned bottoms. Perhaps I should start a new line of business (in my copious spare time)!

  5. I love your darling moans, and your reactions to the caning. It looks like it was painful, but delightful at the same time my dear. And then…cat. Haha, I am sure your kitty is more than used to what goes on in his Mistress’s home.

  6. Painful and delightful it certainly was! Thanks Cherry, glad you enjoyed it. My cat is an old hand when it comes to spanking… she doesn’t pay any attention any more 🙂

  7. Thanks! As for your desire for a caning, I’d be happy to oblige – you know how to reach me 🙂

  8. Aww, I did most certainly enjoy the playful spanking. And well, with your kitty…its most likely second nature. Hearing spankings, seeing it. Her human just likes being smacked on the bum a lot. 🙂

  9. Great scene. Something about the simplicity and honesty of the scene that makes it sooo hott.

  10. It’s really a delight to see just how much pleasure you obtain from a good, hard caning. I also do myself, but it’s a real treat to watch a very beautiful young lady who so clearly also feels the same.

  11. This has been at the top of my watch-list for a while now. I often get the giggles during a spanking, or immediately after (or, in one memorable occasion, an hour later in Sainsburys), so it was refreshing to see a scene that reflects what happens during a real-life spanking session, and not just another fantasy – great as those are. Hilarious! Just hilarious! But, for me, the truest part – and the thing that sums up my whole approach to bottoming – is that final, “Oh, God, I needed that!” So true! Better than a stiff drink any day!


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