Discipline at the Academy

Video (7.53 mins) plus 15 screengrabs
Prim school teacher Pandora Blake relishes in describing the punishments she is authorised to administer at a strict academy for wayward young people in this POV spanking film.

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Prim school teacher Pandora Blake relishes in describing the punishments she is authorised to administer at a strict academy for wayward young people in this POV spanking film.

This POV spanking film was commissioned as a custom video. Looking coy in glasses and modest ladies wear, old-fashioned school teacher Pandora Blake tells you about the punishments she dishes out. She greatly relishes describing the spankings she administers in graphic detail: how she takes the underwear down, what she does if the miscreant struggles, and giving advice about how red the bottom ought to get. She shows each of the implements she uses, describing their effect, and stresses the need to discipline rebellious, disobedient pupils most firmly. In a posh, prim voice, she recounts the bare bottom spankings she was unfortunately obliged to administer in the dormitory last Saturday evening before bed – and she tells you all about upcoming punishments in detail.

Finally, she declares that whilst ladies are allowed to spank at this particular academy for wayward young people, they are never spanked themselves. To prove it, she stands up, turns around, and whisks up her pencil skirt to display full white cotton knickers, seamed stockings and suspender belt under her ladylike attire. Teasingly, she peels down her knickers and pendulates her bottom cheeks to make them wobble, taking perverse delight in taunting you with her white, pristine, unspanked bottom!

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8 Responses

  1. That’s a very exciting monologue and really sets my imagination running. It brings back to mind one or two college teachers and lecturers from whom I’d have loved to receive an over the knee spanking.

    Thanks for that lovely tongue-in-cheek ending, complete with some delicious cheek wobbling. But Ms prim-and-proper Blake, never been spanked!! Yeah, right. I’m sure even in this little ‘instructional’ film there is faint pink glow peeking through. Or perhaps it’s just the light or the glow from sitting down… 🙂

  2. is wondering if masturbating over teacher would be a punishable offence.

  3. Well I bought it. Thanks for doing another POV scene Pandora 🙂 You have the best ideas.

  4. Even though no actual spanking is shown, I totally adore this. You create a real character, with your acting Pandora; and the whole thing has the structure of a good short story—one that ends with a unique blend of eroticism and bathos x

  5. It would be nice to see the character have the experience of being spanked. The erotic sensations may be a challenge to her professional practise of what is de facto child abuse.

  6. From my kink point of view to see you wearing a slip is awesome. I liked the film but the slow build up to your own bottom taking centre stage was just magnificent!

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