Wouldst Thou Like to Live Deliciously?

Film (14:50) with 48 screengrabs.
Willow kneels on all fours, purple wax on their breasts, as Pandora drips wax on their bottom

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When sweet, naive Willow beseeches a higher power for help in controlling her impure thoughts, she ends up biting off rather more than she thought she could chew. Her impassioned plea catches the ear of a passing entity with designs on her untouched body, and it’s not long before she’s given herself entirely over to the pleasure and the pain she’s being offered.

From the opening splashes of candle wax across her exposed nipples to having her pretty pussy beaten for the very first time, Willow’s mysterious visitor takes her on a corrupting, life-altering journey she could scarcely have dreamed of.

But for every orgasm, of course, there is a cost…


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Wouldst Thou Like to Live Deliciously? - Behind the Scenes

Where but Dreams of Spanking could you find an opening scene quite like this? Backstage there was a lot of plotting, a lot of laughter and at least two takes to snuff out a candle. And of course it’s important to make sure the Devil doesn’t have lipstick on their teeth!


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  1. I always love seeing Willow pop up on here, the two of you had some wonderful chemistry in this.

  2. Im sure it will resonate with the many spanking affecendios on here if I voice
    chagrin with the apprent decline of the Spanking market in 2024?
    It has gone from old 8mm films to Soho Cabins, a pot purri of dedicated magazines,
    through the dawn of the internet resulting in a clutch of dedicated websites,’
    almost of all of which now seem nearly in demise.
    (The Institute of Discipline etc chain seem to have last updated in 2022?eg)
    indeed the whole online Adult Porno Market seems on the verge of extinction.
    Dreams is doing a sterling job of trying to keep it alive though but I fear their
    voice might be in a wilderness.
    There is of course the gigantic ‘Porno Mountain’of nigh on 40 years of past porno
    so much of which has been ripped,is available for pennies or free,
    that the consumer is pretty much ‘pornoed out’.
    The UK consumer guys now aged in their 60s and 70s raised on the permissive porno culture of the late 1960s and 1970s
    from Janus thru to Relate and Mayfair
    were the mainstay of the consumer market & are now’ retiring’.
    The talented UK Spanking producers of materieel retired long ago.
    The promised new dawn of ‘AI’Porno appears so far to have largely flopped.
    Recent rectrictions on UK adult porno ID proofs,draconian Providor Bureacrracy etc are also having a dampening
    We are now left with a 1000 channels and nothing on.
    The new gen in their 20s and 30s dont really do or get ‘spanking’in the main.
    The result is a very superficial ‘Club’dominanted plastic faux fetish that doent really hit the button
    or opportunists lacking any real skill in the visual aspects.
    It had a good run but was of its time.
    Hand in hand with real and actual spanking.
    All gone.
    Happy New 2024!

  3. A happy 2024 to you too. We all get a little jaded as time goes by, and of course time will, one day soon, carry on going by without us.
    My spanking arc encompasses the entirelty of out late Queen’s reign; and includes: representations of spankings in the Beano, Topper etc; actual slipperings and canings at school; “letters to the editor: fantasies in the popular press; hairbrush & paddle exotica in US women’s magazie imports such as the Pats & Peeves column in My Romance; More corporal punishment letters in Penthouse and its offshoot ‘Forum”; The 70s silver age of Janus; The 80s golden age of VHS tapes of favourite movie spankings, contemporaneous with new, exciting video porn.
    But by far the sexiest, most innovative, educational and valuable to me is this site: Dreams of Spanking. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of seeing Pandora’s lady parts straddling a gym horse, say; or her maroon knickers tightening across her bottom as she bends over for the cane; and her lovely face reacting to the stinging strokes always evokes for me paradoxical passions of empathy and delight. I mentioned innovation and education: Visiting this site coaxed me into experimenting with the role, a role which now provides me with enormous anal pleasure, pleasure that I am pleased to have lived long enough to experience without guilt. Spanking is queer—it took me a long time to recognise and acknowledge that; and the fact that I can is solely down to lovely Blake, to whom I wish a fabulous New Year X

  4. I should add that I haven’t watched this video yet—saving it for the next full moon.

    1. Thank you so much 💗it was definitely a passion project, we spent far longer than we probably should have getting the lighting just right and the scene how we wanted it. Big shout out to Lola for the editing to really bring it to life!

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