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Preview Image for Companions 1. Pandora Blake is over Adele Haze's knee getting a spanking. Both are wearing vintage lingerie and stockings

Dressed in vintage lingerie with lace and ribbons, Pandora Blake and Adele Haze explore their femininity in this lesbian spanking photoset.

They share a deep kiss, caressing each other's gorgeous curves, before Adele takes control. She removes Pandora's ribbons and takes Pandora over the knee for a hand spanking. Wearing delicate lace gloves, Adele gives her companion some intimate smacks on the bottom – alternating slaps and sensual strokes as Pandora wriggles over her lap.

Once Pandora's bottom is warm and tingling, Adele slowly removes her gloves and pulls down Pandora's white knickers. Her bottom glows hot pink, but that won't stop her companion brightening it a little more with a slow, hard spanking with the wooden hairbrush.

Photography: PWPimages


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  1. For a fan of underwear in all sorts of varieties this is a marvellous set. Especially when an OTK spanking’s involved too. You two look gorgeous in this series of photographs. It is of course especially attractive to observe that rosy pair of spank spots developing throughout, particularly once the brush is involved.

    Just as an aside: I’ve noticed the recent photo’s technical quality has increased dramatically. The resolution on these shots is amazing even at the full size. That’s a great concentration of megapixels! It really makes a difference and is really appreciated. Thanks.

  2. That’s pretty hot, and the fact that this is Part I implies that we’ll see a switch in Part II, to which I very much look forward.

  3. Thank you. The quality of our photography is very dependent on who the photographer is and how nice a camera they’ve got! Since last year I have had my own Sony NEX-6 which is not bad, although it still sometimes has in a grainy appearance when you zoom in (we used it for all the scenes we shot at the cottage last year with Tom, Nimue, Michael, Lola, Leia and Andrew, for instance). Although that can at times make the images seem lovely and painterly, photographic sharpness is very satisfying.

    I hired PWPimages for a spanking photoshoot because I’d worked for him as a model and loved his imagery. I hoped he’d turn out some lovely images and I was really happy with these 🙂 I was delighted with the photos we created with Matt Christie last year as well, for example. And both PWP and Matt have much, much nicer cameras than I do!

    Before I was running this site I was a painter and graphic designer. Visual beauty is important to me. I’ve always continued to produce photo sets which are as high quality as I can make them at the time because right now, I can achieve a much higher professional standard than film with the equipment available to me. Visual beauty and richness is one of the cornerstones of this site for me, and so there will always be photos-only scenes, because it’s easier to achieve a higher standard visually.

  4. Great gallery of photos, great costumes but most of all, it is wonderful to see Adele Haze on DOS again, it has been a while since you have worked together even though extremely good friends, which is obvious. Maybe you can get together and make some more films, very soon would be nice. LOL Claire

  5. Adele is fantastic, I heart her. She was particularly keen to do photos on this occasion – the good news is that we have another three sets from that day to upload!

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