Film (16:19) with 90 screengrabs
Preview image for Instructed. Pandora Blake, wearing just stockings and high heels, kneels on the bed, bottom up in the air

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Pandora Blake stars in 'Instructed' – a collaboration with renowned feminist pornographer Ms Naughty. This unique short film features solo spanking with a heavy clothesbrush, female masturbation, and some incredibly hot anal play.

Arriving at the hotel for a dirty weekend with her lover, Pandora realises he isn't there yet – but she finds a letter waiting for her instead. When D realised he was going to be late to meet her, he came up with an innovative way to dominate her from afar. He sends written instructions to the concierge, who prints them and leaves them on the bed for Pandora to discover.

As she opens the note, her eyes grow wide and she gasps and smiles to herself. We hear D's instructions in an intimate voiceover, and watch as Pandora carries out his every order – from stripping naked and fondling her breasts in front of the mirror, to kneeling on the bed on all fours, and spanking herself with a wooden clothesbrush hard enough to leave marks. D also orders her to perform some embarrassingly explicit anal acts – fingering her own arse, inserting a lubed butt plug, and touching her cunt and clit, eventually masturbating herself to an intensely erotic climax.

Videography: Ms Naughty and Luke

Preview Gallery

Instructed - Behind the Scenes

An informal post-shoot interview with a very happy Pandora Blake after the filming of “Instructed”. Pandora discusses D’s style of dominance, performativity, submission and self-spanking, and the phenomenon of the invisible top. She delightedly inspects her marks, and shares her feelings after her most explicit shoot to date!,Behind the scenes with Pandora, Ms Naughty and Luke during the filming of ‘Instructed’ in Toronto. The ladies co-direct, composing shots collaboratively – with Ms Naughty and Luke enjoying the suspense as they ensure Pandora doesn’t read the letter before she’s meant to! Foot acting, Pandora’s full reaction to reading her instructions, camera troubles, lubey hands, and a cameo from BBC journalist Daniel Nasaw!,Pandora Blake describes the premise for her collaborative film with Ms Naughty, ‘Instructed’, filmed at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto 2014. She tells us how her dominant partner D got involved with the scene, and how she feels about not knowing what she’s going to have to do on camera.

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27 responses

  1. I found this very erotic as my first ever self-spankings were with a clothes brush and I have performed this scenario.

    Pandora, did the butt plug make you feel as if D was there controlling you?

  2. Pandora

    This was intense, real, intimate and magical.

    In my opinion, your best movie yet – and I fell there’s so much more to come.

    Well done to all involved but most of all congratulations to the start herself on vivid and acomplished performance.

    M xxx

    P.S. The stockings are sublime. Where can I buy some for my lover?

  3. What a deliciously erotic orgasm. You are a very beautiful lady, Pandora. It shines brightest as you cum.

  4. A clothes brush or bathbrush is a really effective implement for self-spanking in my experience. Did you experiment with a butt plug as well?

    It wasn’t the plug particularly that made me feel controlled – more his words, and the knowledge that he would eventually watch the film and so I had to obey as well as I could. It was a really powerful feeling.

  5. Thanks so much for the glowing comment – I love this film and am incredibly proud of it, and I’m really glad it worked for you.

    I’m never quite sure how well solo films will work, as so much of porn for me is about the interaction and chemistry between two (or more) people… but having D’s presence embodied in the letter, and having his voiceover to add to the finished piece, really made the difference for me.

    The stockings are from Ann Summers – aren’t they great?

  6. Thanks very much, I’m glad you liked it! I have to admit, it’s still very weird editing video of my own orgasm. 🙂

  7. Yeah I experimented with the butt plug. I pretty much did the same as your film. Except I was fantasising that a dominant was telling me to insert a butt plug so I could feel their presence before I spanked myself.

  8. Different and very well done. Three cheers for the butt plug.

    Do you ever wear those stockings in public?

  9. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who self spanks. I use a wooden cloths brush and an 18” wooden ruler but I’ve not used a butt plug before. Self spanking is one thing but you can never better being bent over a chair and leathered by a dominant female.
    Well done, Pandora. That was something else. The way you exposed yourself then the sensuous touching of yourself and the final climax was great.
    Thanks Pandora.

  10. Oh so THAT’S what you were doing on Sunday instead of hanging out with me! Watching porn! 😉

    Seriously – I’m glad you like this. Your opinion means a lot <3

  11. This film is currently my porn of choice. I just watched it again. The butt plug gets me every time!

    I’ve worn them to scene events – not in public though.

  12. Wow that’s some film, Pandora. D’s voice really does give the feeling of an unseen presence and authoritative control. I know you said that you aren’t a huge fan of self-spanking because of the lack of interaction with another but I think this is a rather nice way of bridging that gap. On the spanking itself, the stipulation by D of types and speed of stroke gives a target which you feel you must meet, as does the order to lay on six really hard spanks towards the end. I was interested to see that after the second spank which was a really solid whack you just have to pause – that must have really stung! But a few later and you persevere with I think two in fairly quick succession and then some more. Exquisite stuff. I notice too that you exceed the six laid down. Something of the love part of the love-hate relationship with the brush emerging I guess(?). There really is such a delicious sting about solid wood if applied with just the right force.
    The self-stimulation and masturbation is very erotic and tastefully done. Well done for blending this into a film with some spanking too.
    (And finally, of course, those stockings are divine…………….

  13. I’ve not been one of your supporters for long enough to see all the videos you’ve made, but I doubt if any can top this one. It seemed as if I was in the room with you, holding my breath and watching wide-eyed! I found it delightfully personal, intimate and exciting.

    Technically, I thought the editing was excellent too, almost seamless cuts between presumably at least two performances – no doubt aided by consistently good performances! Acting as if you weren’t aware of the camera was a good move too.

  14. WOW only got the opportunity to watch this for the first time the other evening and I thought, cripes, this is like ‘my inner little girl’ on steroids, it’s utterly fabulous, so daring and just amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing P and D xxx

  15. D’s voice! In a porn! Saying rude words! Oh my.

    Also, what a pretty, pretty film. I think the cutaway close-up shots really make it special.

  16. I can’t stop watching this. It’s getting up there with my all time favorites, even though it’s drastically different than all the other porns on that list. This is just so hot (and also a pretty, pretty film!)

  17. Found one masturbation scene on a free site I really liked. This was amazing, D’s voice over, photography, you, costume all perfect.

  18. Hi, I’m new to the site… although I have seen a few of your scenes from your LadyS days (which I loved)…

    So glad that I returned to find you running this site. I have yet to join but just watching the preview has pretty much made my decision for me!

    Beautifully shot, erotic, sensual and wonderful…. Pandora you are beautiful and can’t wait to watch more 🙂

  19. I paid for my clip but cannot find it on my iPad.

    Why can’t you arrange for me to run the movie that I have identified on your website after I have paid for it?


  20. Hi Stjpetti, thanks for your message. Our embedded flash player may not work on ipads – you will need to download the MP4 or WMV file using the green or gold button on the top right. Once you have downloaded the file, you can play it from your desktop using a video player like VLC media player. If you have any further questions about how to download files, please consult our FAQ page:

  21. Very hot Pandora…it’s unusual to see anal eroticism combined with spanking. Definitely want to see more!

  22. As someone who role plays with partners on the other side of the world, the set up of written instructions from an absent Dom really hits the spot.

    D’s voice over adds so much to this scene. As do the little details like Pandora’s choice of “Spank Me” stockings and subtle foot acting whilst starting to read the letter.

    In my opinion your best scene yet. One worth of multiple and richly deserved awards.

  23. I am new to the site. This was incredibly beautiful. Wish there were more sex included in the story line on most of your scenes. Hopefully more to come!

  24. I am new to the site. This was incredibly beautiful. Wish there were more sex included in the story line on most of your scenes. Hopefully more to come!

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