Five-Bar Gate

Film (7:24) with 12 screengrabs.
Headmistress Pandora Blake gives schoolgirl Faerie Willow a cold caning on the bare bottom

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Willow is in trouble again, and this time she finds herself in the office of a teacher who won’t be dissuaded from making sure she gets what’s coming to her.

If you’re a fan of schoolgirl caning films, this one’s for you: a lavishly detailed close-up examination of the caning of Faerie Willow, camera angled to let you watch the appearance of every angry red welt. The film’s pièce de résistance is the five bar gate itself – one last, diagonal stroke, placed as firmly as possible across the row of the others, leaving each mark sorer and stingier than ever.

Preview Gallery

Five-Bar Gate - Behind the Scenes

There’s never a dull moment on set with Willow around! This scene required some seriously skilled aim from Blake, and it took a couple of tries to make sure everything was lined up properly. The resulting welts really are a sight to behold, and Willow enjoyed them as much as we did.


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful, erotic cane marks, and she took her cane strokes very well indeed. She looks the perfect young schoolgirl, ideal for casting in many such roles.

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