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Princess Tabina is betrothed to the heir of a kingdom which was until recently the enemy of her own. She doesn’t know what awaits her, but is determined to do whatever it takes to secure peace.

Although the protagonist is a princess, this isn’t your average fairytale. Set between fictional lands reminiscent of medieval India and Iran, this contains more story than spanking, but fans of fantasy and historical fiction should find something to enjoy.

Originally published in The Spanking Collection, an anthology of original spanking fiction edited by Abel and Haron (AKA Adele Haze).

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19 Responses

  1. An audio story?? Not quite what I expect from a spanking site…tell the truth.

  2. Oh – I did try to be clear on the homepage and in the FAQ that audio updates would be included. Actually I’ve had a lot of interest in the idea and people have commissioned audio from me in the past, so I know at least some people like it!

    There’ll be a photoset and a video added this week as well, so if it helps, just think of this as a bonus update.

  3. Love listening to your voice. Will save this and your answers. Good story like the setting and plot. More please and see if my suggestion has possibility.

    When I commented on your audio in ‘Spanked Not Silenced’, you narrating stories would be [insert compliment] idea. This story is a good example of one that could/would be enhanced by sound effects, i.e. if possible other voices for different characters, sounds of clothing being removed or put on, especially the sound of what ever implement is being used, cane, tawse, hand, etc. and occasional sounds to set scene. Keep it simple and less=more.

  4. Glad to hear a photoset will be added. Ok, didn’t see the information on audios in the FAQ. Then again, I tend only to look at the FAQ for answers to questions I have.

    I have to say that while I’ve enjoyed many of the scenes so far, a great rate of updates would be great, particularly given the relatively small number of scenes overall on the site.

    Just my two cents…

  5. Thanks Lou, I’m pleased to hear you liked this one as I was a little nervous about posting it!

    I really like the idea of producing a “radio drama” but it’s a bit of a different thing to solo audio. One of the ideas I’ve had for ages is to produce an audio version of some historical CP erotica with multiple actors and real spankings. There’d be a behind-the-scenes camera to record the process and the result would have live sound effects. It would save on costume/location budget while still letting us act out some of the classic Victorian-era erotic melodramas.

    However we’d need enough actors that it would still need to be a relatively large shoot – bigger than my current budget. But not unfeasible!

    Actually producing sound effects separately and editing them into a narration in post would be possible, but it would take so much time I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be easier to simply shoot video instead! I’m not an expert sound tech either so I’m not sure how good the results would be – I think sound effects in radio plays are quite hard to get right. Still, it’s a lovely idea. Perhaps one I’ll come back to once I’ve learned a bit more πŸ™‚

  6. A lovely story indeed! And so beautifully read. I have read many spanking stories, and this is one of the best. Even the difficult climax of the actual flogging is well written, with its description of pain and the ambivalence of blood or sweat. Exotism is well suited to allow us to enjoy the horror of the nonconsentual. And of course the way that the victim eventually accepts it. Clever!

  7. Old radio trick actors do more then one role, without a designated sound person one the actors could do needed sound effect if not voicing character.This could alleviate budget restraints. Radio drama was/is audio allusion. Hope to hear your “radio drama(s)”. This a well down lovely site.

  8. Alright, I’ll take you up on the challenge! I do have some “plain” audio stories already recorded which I want to put up, but the next recordings I do I’ll try out some sound effects/second voices and see how it goes πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you so much for this comment. Lovely to discover others who share my tastes! x

  10. I have read many spanking stories, but audio stories about spanking are pretty rare well done Ms. Blake for a very enrapturing tale for us all.

  11. Thanks so much! I like to think of these stories adding a bit of spice to car journeys or the gym πŸ™‚

  12. Would live to hear you read extracts from Victorian spanking erotica such asThe Yellow Room, Frank and I, and Dolly Morton! Frank and I would be especially pleasing. Your voice is varied enough to convince the listener that there are different people. Sound effects would be great, but not essential. The listener’s imagination can probably more than make up for them!

  13. Oooh, thanks for the recommendations! I don’t have any of those books but it’s a lovely idea. I would have to investigate copyright restrictions very carefully, however.

    I do have a copy of The Whippingham Papers which I’ve thought for a while would make a superb radio play. As soon as you have more than one actor, sound effects can then be generated with actual spanking!

  14. If you have the Kindle app on your PC, you can get virtually all the major Victorian spanking classics for less than Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β£1 each via Amazon Kindle store…..presumably because they are so old and were published by ‘anon’.

  15. I really enjoy the audio stories on the site.. they really adds even more variety and a very different dimension.

    The idea of dramatising some spanking “Victoriana” as mentioned above is really interesting – but, I suspect, a huge amount of work to write/cast/record – but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  16. I love that idea too! Definitely one to shelve and come back to. You can’t run a spanking website without being patient. I’ve just shot a load of scenes I’ve been waiting 6 years to create – some things are worth waiting until you can do them properly πŸ™‚

  17. A beautiful story and so beautifully read tooΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦.thank you.

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