Tight Skirt Self Love

Film (10:01 mins) with 15 screengrabs
Pandora Blake kneels on an armchair in a white blouse and a tight knee-length grey skirt and black heels with pointed toes. They grasp their round bottom and gasp in pleasure.

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Blake has a little time to themself today, and they’re using it to enjoy the way their body looks in their favourite pencil skirt: the way it clings to their curves, the sensation of running their nails across their sensitive skin underneath the fabric. They’ve got such a good view in the mirror, too…

Before long they’re so turned on by it all that they can’t help but settle back into a chair in front of the mirror and spread their thighs. The sensation of fingertips against silky lingerie is all they need: before long they’ve pushed them aside to touch themself, rubbing their clit in front of the mirror until they can watch themself cum from the overwhelming sensation, tight skirt around their hips, satin panties that will be wet for the rest of the day.


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2 Responses

  1. There is something about a woman in a tight skirt, even with VPL. It looks so hot. Loved the whole thing the little lick of the finger tip at the end so hot. Lucky someone can get to do that at work without a visit from HR!

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