The Governor’s Revenge

Film (6:37) with 48 screengrabs
Pandora Blake is over Michael Stamp's knee for a bare bottom spanking. Their bottom is red and their knickers are around their thighs

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Pandora Blake’s been procrastinating, and Michael Stamp is determined to get her back in line with a sound OTK spanking…

There’s a whole lot to do when you run your own business, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. In the runup to this scene being filmed Pandora made a few mistakes – she lost some footage; she didn’t get on with editing; a couple of releases were delayed. No worries, though: Michael reckons he knows just how to motivate her to get back on track!

He gets her over his lap and administers a gorgeously sore OTK bare-handed spanking, leaving her glowing rose-red and rubbing her backside. But will our intrepid heroine actually release the delayed scene in good time, or will it be a while longer before it sees the light of day?

(Spoiler alert: the film in question did indeed come out several years ago. This footage itself, on the other hand, has been hidden away unedited for some time now!)

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7 Responses

  1. I remember seeing this in 2012. I think Pandora really did earn this spanking! The knickers are a nice shade of purple, I remember Pandora wearing purple panties in other old videos 🙂

  2. Well remembered, I think I posted it on my blog at the time but never as its own film. I truly did earn it, and got my comeuppance 😉

  3. My secret is to find every excuse to misbehave: that way, I always deserve it 😉

  4. Pandora, you really are my ideal naughty girl and always look the part in your school uniform, although I am not sure those panties are school regulation. As your Uncle I take a very dim view of your continual procrastination young lady, my only conclusion would be to take you over my knee , spank your delectable bare bottom until red x

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