Ring of Fire

Film (71:28) with 12 photos and 96 screengrabs
Preview Image for Ring of Fire. Nimue Allen, Pandora Blake and Molly Malone are in various states of undress. They are in a circle, each spanking the bottom of the one in front of them

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4 implements, 52 cards, and 3 switch ladies in high heels and retro dresses. An uncut, unscripted card game spankstravaganza including over 350 strokes with hand, tawse, strap and cane!

Join three likeminded switch ladies in high heels and 50s dresses for fun and frolics in this self-indulgent spanking card game. With four implements and 52 cards dictating the play at random, the result is an hour-long, candid, uncut, unscripted spankstravaganza! Includes a total of over 350 strokes of hand, tawse, strap and cane. 

No-one watching this film can have any doubt that all three of us just adore giving and receiving corporal punishment for the sheer joy of it. In fact we hope the laughter, merriment and love of spanking are a little bit infectious. If you're inspired to play the game yourself, we can highly recommend it! Give it a go, and then come back and tell us about it 🙂

Photography: Tricia Sullivan

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31 Responses

  1. Oh, this looks so much fun. 🙂 And you are all exceedingly beautiful, as always!

  2. I admit I am slightly wondering about possible 2-player versions of this game…

  3. Sheer genius! I loved watching every stroke! And how great to see a really natural, unscripted, fun-filled session. Now that does give me some ideas for the future……

  4. 600-700 MB is a bit large for download in one go.!Pretty unusual nowadays as Sites go.But if successful it has the advantage of a joined up production.
    However almost all other Sites split their films into manageable parts of anything from 25MB up to 200 MB or so.
    The challenge with the larger sizes is that if the download speed is sticky or on a slow day it can take hours and even get “timed out”or pack up half way through especially for customers that dont have High Speed or Broadband.
    Resulting in a lot of wasted time and frustration.

  5. Thank you! It really was ridiculous amounts of fun. I want to play again now!

  6. Oh, I bet you could totally improvise a two player version. There are all sorts of spanking games possible with a pack of cards. Add in a couple of dice and there are even more options – for instance, you could set the level of clothing (trousers, underpants or bare bottom) and the spanking position as well as the implement and the number of strokes. EG play trumps each turn and the person who draws the higher card gets to top, with the number of strokes being the number of the highest card, or the difference between the two numbers, or the sum of both cards… the possibilities are endless!

  7. The reason I don’t, and never will, offer multiple files for download is simple: too many paysites use splitting up files as a way of padding out their update schedule, promising an update a day when an “update” is 3, 4 or 5 minutes of footage, so that each actual film gets divided into multiple sections and downloading a whole film, and watching it storyline all the way through, becomes a nightmare. My films are whole, distinct movies that stand alone and are not designed to be split up into parts.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been frustrated but I offer high quality downloads and I will not compromise on quality. This is a multimedia subscription site, a delivery method intended for people who have high speed internet connections. Most of the WMV downloads on this site are between 80-200MB which is manageable even on a slower connection. Longer films like this are an occasional treat for my members, available at no extra cost instead of the usual 10 or 20 minute film. This film will be available on DVD at some point if that is a format that would suit you better.

    Otherwise, may I recommend using a download manager/accelerator which can handle your downloads in your absence, such as overnight, without any time outs? A quick Google reveals several free options.

  8. I love the way that the players are at the mercy of Lady Luck—rather than the usual phallic law enforcer. Three sexy sisters spanking each others fannies, on the turn of a card, subverts the phallic power axis to an even greater extent than hetero switching does.

  9. What a super film. Hard luck for Molly being left with the last King but didn’t she take it all well. Bet you were all really sore afterwards and the next day but well done to you all. More films on this theme will be very welcome.

  10. I appreciate the sentiment – randomly decided spankings are hot and delightfully egalitarian. But I’m curious, would you have made the same comment if the players were three switch men?

  11. She took it beautifully! And given she was the instigator of the game in some ways (I first played the drinking version of Ring of Fire at her house, and even that developed some spanking rules as the game progressed) I think it was beautifully appropriate that she should receive the final, climactic punishment sequence.

    I’m so thrilled this theme has proved popular, I was curious to see whether viewers would find the film too long or too self-indulgent. I’d love to shoot more real-time spanking games!

  12. I did think about that. I certainly would be interested in watching a similar scene involving 3 men. In fact, I would be very interested to see your 3 switch men enjoying themselves in that way. I recall one of those Czech movies—with the bald, bearded head teacher—where a male, in drag, infiltrated the usual line-up of trepid females. He was obviously relishing the prospect of being strapped to that punishment block. And I was very curious to compare his reactions to being caned. The females would invariably struggle and weep, and their positioning would invariably expose their fannies to the camera. I did want to see the Czech man’s cock in the same position—out of simple curiosity. Maddeningly, the “cross-dresser” was exposed and evicted from the scene. But who knows what erotic dimension might have revealed itself. It has certainly been a personal revelation that I have so finding your male bottoms so appealing.

  13. I should add that I agree with Dana Kane that males who switch should shave. The androgyne is where the subversive erotic beauty resides.

  14. Wow, I’d love to bring that one to life. A twist on the fantasy of the woman who dresses as a man to join the navy and is caught when she has to drop her trousers for the cane…

    Why leave it at three switch men? Why not more, why not a mixed group? The lovely thing about this game is that as long as everyone switches, you can mix it up however you like.

    I do have in mind a scene where Michael and Sebastian are gamer friends who add extra spice to a night playing xbox by setting spanking forfeits for the loser. I hoped to film it on our last m/m shoot, but we ran out of time. Adding a third player would make it even more interesting!

  15. Hello Pandora! Great movie, the subject of spanking game interests me enormously. Personally I appreciate a lot a game with 4 people in addition to a man for you 3 … A man who loses course … And would often trousers down and spanked by three women who would benefit from the shameful situation and rigoleraient to see him naked ass spanked. The appeal of the game with the feeling of losing and spanked by her female friends bothers me a lot. Thank you very much and I hope that my proposal will interest Pandora game. A soon.

  16. What an exciting girl’s night in, huh? Wonder what you would do with a nice man if he was thrown into the mix 😉

  17. Hrm. I agree that the androgynous aesthetic is very appealing, but there’s no “should” about it. Submission isn’t the sole province of the feminine, and butch, masculine men can submit and/or switch too 🙂

  18. Ha, funny that a couple of viewers have fantasised about being one man spanked by three women! Sadly in this particular game it wouldn’t work out that way, you’d have to be spanked by the ladies (and spank them) one at a time 🙂

    Also, the point of a game like this is that it’s up to chance – you can’t guarantee what would happen. But the beauty of it is that there’s no winning or losing. Everyone is guaranteed to get spanked sooner or later!

  19. I’d love to revisit this game with a group of mixed switches, both male and female, and see how the dynamic differeed 🙂

  20. My Ranger is bearded, and a switch, and his beauty when submitting is not in any way detracted from by his beard! (Far from it, in my view…) I love seeing images of submissive and switchy men who are emphatically masculine.

    Equally, as an FAAB genderqueer switch, I’m not more submissive on my (rare) femme days, or more dominant when wearing men’s clothes. Indeed, I do have a fantasy about being caned by one or other of my partners while they’re in leathers and I’m wearing gentleman’s formal wear…

  21. … of course, there are at least somewhat androgynous ways of having a beard. 🙂

    (Neither of my partners is exactly uber-butch…)

  22. Also, worth mentioning that this isn’t actually an opinion Dana holds. Firstly, she is an actress playing a role. Secondly, the shaving was incorporated because Michael said he was willing to do it, and I thought it would be hot. Thirdly, the shaving in that scene (http://dreamsofspanking.com/scene/item/marital) is about age play and transformation into a little boy persona, not about feminisation.

  23. I was going to say, I’d be surprised if that was an opinion Dana holds in real life.

    I like to think about that particular scene (though it’s been a long while since I’ve sat down and watched it) as being about willing physical transformation as a sign of trust in and loyalty to one’s top (“here’s the change to my appearance I’m willing to make to show my devotion to you”), even if *in the scene* it’s verbalised as more of a “manly men have beards/submissive boys are clean-shaven!”

    I’m certainly not one to say masculine signifiers specifically relate to toppiness or their absence specifically signifies submissiveness; that seems far too proscriptive. Plus, I have in the past done femme and ‘little boy’ with a full beard, so I don’t think it’s necessarily excluded from those identities either.

  24. Heart is tawse, Spade is strap, Diamond is wooden paddle, Clover is cane.
    Jack is 10X2, Queen is 10 X 2 bare bottom, King is 10 X 2 and smack again of taken all card with bare bottom.

  25. Beautiful girls enjoying every stroke, very nice! Please make more of these.

  26. This does indeed look like it was enormous fun to make – and so enormous fun to watch.

  27. Disclaimer: I have AS (Asperger’s Syndrome).

    PF: After reading the description I learnt how powerful ‘anticipation’ can be. This is a luck-based game and you don’t know what card you are holding… until it is turned over! This is a great way to create the atmosphere, although sometimes it can turn into apprehension as fewer and fewer cards are left.

    Q: I cannot understand this – why is this called CP (corporal punishment)? The definition of ‘punishment’ is ‘pain inflicted on wrongdoing people’, and it definitely does NOT fit this scene. This is for fun and pleasure (actually fun, pain & pleasure) – not because somebody misbehaved and needs correction of some sort.
    ‘Corporal’ does fit though – this means ‘of the body’.

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