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Pandora Blake, dressed in lingerie and stockings lays back and smiles at the camera

Pandora Blake has some pretty new underwear to show off – and she's enjoying giving you something to look at. Posing on the bed in elegant matching lingerie, including black stockings and stiletto high heels, she is relaxed and utterly at ease. Working together with her partner Felix behind the camera for the first time, the sexual tension shimmers in the air as Pandora performs an erotic lingerie striptease. The sheer black knickers are translucent enough to give you a cheeky glimpse between her bottom cheeks when she arches her back on all fours – and when she lies back on the bed, she seems entirely abandoned.

With a coy smile, she slowly removes her bra, taking her time before letting you get a good look at her bare breasts. Being half-naked, and feeling her lover's – and your – eyes on her turns her on, and she can't resist slipping a hand into her knickers to touch herself. She can't wait any longer to lower her sheer knickers and give you a good look at her peachy bare bottom. With her legs parted, finally everything is on show as she pleasures herself. A sensual, erotic photoset capturing Pandora at home in a deliciously wanton mood. To hear Pandora's take on this photogallery, take a look at this video diary recorded the day after the shoot.

Photography: Felix


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6 Responses

  1. Oh. Oh.

    With the last two sets, it’s like you’ve thought “What are N Craig’s buttons? And how man of them can we press at once?” To which the answer is, a lot.

  2. Very sexy Pandora. Pretty underwear. I like the sheer knickers revealing your bottom.

  3. I have taken quite a few similar shots of models in natural light, the pandemic has pretty well put an end to it, but i would definitely come out of retirement to take you Pandora.

  4. The lighting is so important in a shoot, you’re a skilled photographer to be able to capture that!

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