Secretly Craving a Caning

Film (12:34 mins) with 24 screengrabs
Pandora sits on a yellow loveseat wearing a white blouse, grey pencil skirt and glasses. They hold a cane in one hand.

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School secretary Pandora Blake has spent years fantasising about the Headmistress she works for. Sat in the outer office she hears every punishment that gets doled out – every swish of the cane, every cry at the sting. She’s watched dozens of sore, sorry students shuffle past, clutching at their red bottoms through their school skirts.

She’s always believed that the Headmistress had no idea how explicit her daydreams were getting, but today she arrived at work to find a mysterious note on her desk: she is to be punished. She doesn’t know what for, or how hard it will be to take – but she does know she’s to wait in her own office, right where the students sit, and get herself warmed up.

It’s this delicious anticipation she’s here to share with us, in heels, stockings and a figure-hugging pencil skirt. Listen in as she describes her salacious fantasies, and watch as she spanks and paddles herself as thoroughly as she can through her white cotton knickers to get beautifully warmed up for the main event.


Preview Gallery

Secretly Craving a Caning - Behind the Scenes

Fictional school secretary Pandora is having a fantasy come true today, but that does leave the real Blake without a caning of their own! They’ve always wished they could figure out how to give themselves a satisfying self-caning, but the angles are tricky. Maybe today’s the day they hit the spot: either way, you’re sure to enjoy watching them pull down their underwear and give their reddened, exposed bottom another try…


11 Responses

      1. Indeed, harder strokes and louder, fleshier sounds! My lady friend presently hand spanks and paddles me, but she very much wants to take up the cane and practice on my bottom!! :O

  1. Would like to buy this on DOS C4S site if it can be put up there asap would definetley
    buy it there.

    1. We publish films on Clips4Sale a few weeks after releasing it on our site to give site members priority access to our spanking content. It’s currently due for release on Clips4Sale on 18 September. However, we are almost ready to release a new function on the website which will allow you to purchase individual films! So keep your eyes peeled for that announcement which should hopefully come before its due to be released on C4S, so that you can purchase it from us and directly support our site 🙂

  2. Pandora,

    Am presuming this will be released then on Blake Presents C4S as that seems to be the site with
    ongoing recent updates?

    I did dip into Dreams of Spanking Clips 4 Sale but that particular site seems to be dormant with
    nothing new released on there for some time?

    Will look out for it with interest .

    1. We are regularly updating the Dreams of Spanking C4S
      Clips4Sale has recently revamped the site so the default setting shows our store items in a different order, which may make it look like it’s not being updated. If you sort by latest, you’ll see that we’ve been posting 1-2 times a day.

      The good news is that you can purchase and download it directly from our website! Below the video player you’ll see “Buy HD Content”, which will allow you to buy and enjoy the film while supporting us directly. It’s also significantly cheaper than on C4S so you pay less – everybody wins!

  3. If further proof be needed, Blake has the most beautiful bottom and sexiest legs in the world!!!!

  4. That was perfectly erotic for me. I do have a fetish for watching self spanking especially with the cane on a lovely round bottom, and despite your modest claims that you weren’t very good at it and need more practice, I thought you did a very good job of what is a difficult skill. You were able to produce some nice pink lines, and I could enjoy watching you do that for hours on end and be very content doing so. I have submitted a request for a self-caning custom starring your good self on the strength of this. Thank you for the thrills!

      1. Well, that is an exciting thought, I must confess! 🤭 I very much look forward to hearing more.

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