Secretary Self-Spanking Over Skirt

Film (10:45) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, dressed in office clothes, with black tights and high heels, bends over and spanks herself over her skirt

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Pandora has had a stressful week at work, and she’s earned herself a punishment from her boss. She’s been nervous about it for days, and she’s put a lot of thought into it: she’s been sure to wear her tightest, most figure-hugging pencil skirt, and she’s arrived exactly on time.

Only…he’s not there.

Turns out he’s been called away to an unexpected meeting, and her disciplinary spanking has been cancelled. She’s surprised to find that she’s disappointed; turns out some of those nerves had been delicious anticipation. It’s her own little secret: she’s always loved these punishments, and has even been known to earn them for herself on purpose.

So there’s only one thing for it: she bends over right there in his waiting room, smooths out her tight skirt over the curves of her bottom, and leaves herself as sore and stinging as he would have done. Who needs a man when you can do it yourself?

Preview Gallery

Secretary Self-Spanking Over Skirt - Behind the Scenes

Blake has a new custom shooting space, and they’re keen to show it off! Join them in the library for a quick tour, a bit of troubleshooting and a peek into all the little things that need dealing with along the way. If you watch to the end you might find a special extra treat – shooting all those spanking films has left them a little hot and bothered…


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  1. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anyone present a more thrilling tightly beskirted bottom than yourself; you really are the top when it comes to clothed bottoms! And I absolutely love that you clearly appreciate the very powerful appeal of full bottomed knickers, and often include them in your productions.

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