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Jimmy lies on a bed looking serenely into camera, his arms and shoulders are bare

Meet Jimmy as he reveals his butch and femme sides in a striptease both innocent and provocative by turns. Once he’s fully nude, Pandora takes him over her lap for his first ever spanking on camera.

Photography: Tricia Sullivan


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6 Responses

  1. Sexy youth! Should be in a school scene, for 24 red stripes given by female teacher!

  2. Yes indeed! I think Zoe gives him rather more than 24 in “A Taste of their own Medicine”… 🙂

  3. Hello Pandora
    I would love to see more scenes where the girls fully strip a male and take turns spanking him while seated on a traditional armless chair. A bonus would be seeing his feet off the ground while over the girls knee

  4. Cheers 🙂 Multi-top scenes are a bit hard to organise but I will definitely bear it in mind. As for feet dangling off the ground, if you know any good looking male bottoms who are short in height, feel free to send them my way!

  5. Jimmy would be an ideal male model for a film about an Isle of Man birching. (laying face down on a wooden table) He is just the right age and appearance for credibility sake. And also it (birching on the Isle of Man) was a factual and regular practice on the IOM not all that long ago.

  6. I’d love to do that sometime. Still looking for a suitable venue for judicial scenes.

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