Yielding to Her Dominance

Film (12:26) with 69 screengrabs
Carlos Green bends over the bed as Pandora Blake uses his belt to spank his bare bottom

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When Carlos got home from the pub yesterday he was unrepentant: bratty, recalcitrant and stubbornly refusing to accept that he was in the wrong. His strict disciplinarian girlfriend punished him, of course – all he needed to do was send a text to say he’d be home late and he hadn’t bothered with even that! – but he refused to submit to her authority, kicking and wriggling all the way through.

Tonight, though, he’s feeling sore and sorry. He’s had time to reflect, and he finally understands why Pandora was so cross with him. At last he’s ready to accept the punishment he’s due.

She’s waiting for him in bed, ready to hear him out. This spanking feels very different: there’s no more brattiness and no more argument, just a good boy who understands why he needs and deserves to be bent over and beaten.

This doesn’t mean she goes easy on him, however! After some hard strokes with his own leather belt, Pandora makes Carlos practically beg her for the cane. It’ll be a while before he fancies going out to perch his sore backside on an uncomfortable barstool, that’s for sure!

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Yielding to Her Dominance - Behind the Scenes

While Carlos-the-character learns the error of his ways, Carlos-the-performer is having his first ever experience of a real live porn set. Behind the scenes he and Pandora are negotiating boundaries and comfort levels, developing their onscreen dynamic via roleplay and generally getting to know each other a little better.



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Carlos Green

Carlos Green made his debut on screen with us in Defying Her Dominance and the sequel, Yielding to Her Dominance. Pandora sat down with him to debrief after their shoot together, and find out more about his journey into the world of spanking.

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