Carlos Green

Based in England

Hello & welcome.

Spanking is my favourite kink & fetish & I enjoy anything & everything to do with it. I accept the pain & am always eager to experience more. Always up for seeing the bruises & marks too. When It comes to the implements & positions, I am like a kid in a candy store. I wanna try them all. I do have a few favourites. These are leather, wood & the cane (for the marks).

I was born in Brighton & moved to Zimbabwe at a very young age. Grew up there & in late 2016 moved back to Brighton.

Just before my teens, I became interested in spanking. Growing up I used to self spank myself with a wooden spoon on my bare ass completely naked. I would write down how many I would give myself on a piece of paper & would either administer them later that day or later on in the week.

I have been watching Pandora’s videos for a while now & always liked the storylines, how they were shot & the site itself. Thought it was about time to see if I could star in a spanking video. Give it a try & it worked out! Very delighted with the result. When I got the chance to work with Pandora I wanted to tell the world that I’m in a spanking video with Pandora Blake. I Have a lot of admiration & fondness for Pandora Blake.

I have a top. Who I see regularly! I Have spanked a few too.

Please feel free to contact me on FetLife or send me an email. You are welcome to check out my profile there. Happy to chat & share more:)

Be happy & enjoy spanking!

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