Memories of the Strap

Film (13:24) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora Blake lies on the bed, naked from the waist down

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This week Pandora is telling the story of Pamela, who grew up an only child in the 1950s. One afternoon she’d been playing a game with a visiting friend when one of her mother’s ornaments was knocked off a shelf and broke, catching the attention of her formidable mother – and her mother’s leather strap.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time Pamela was spanked by her mother – and nor was hers the only family in which these punishments were used. She finds, in hindsight, that these stories raise in her a flicker of excitement, and wonders if they had the same effect on some of her peers.

This film is both a hot spanking story and an exploration of how childhood experiences that were at the time distressing can, in adulthood, evolve into something else: an exciting memory, perhaps even a desire.

We aren’t eroticising violent parenting or abuse of children. At Dreams of Spanking we passionately believe that spanking is a sexual activity that is only acceptable between consenting adults, and we are firmly against corporal punishment in any other context. Spanking children is child abuse.

Unfortunately too many of us have violent or traumatic experiences in our past, and it’s normal for strong emotions – including our memories of fear, shame and anger – to find expression in our adult eroticism. These feelings can be arousal amplifiers in the right context, and fantasy can be an opportunity for us to feel our feelings and release them, rather than bottling them up. Our fantasies are a safe place to process intense emotions and difficult memories, and many people find this helpful, and even healing. This in no way condones the non-consensual or violent events that provoked those feelings in the first place, or makes it OK for anyone to mistreat a child or violate another’s consent.

I’m in the last stages of writing a book about this exact topic, so if this is interesting to you, head over to my Patreon to read excerpts and snippets, including full chapters at tier Co-Author and above, or you can join our newsletter to get word when it’s available!

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3 Responses

  1. Nice views of Pandora’s bottom too. I would love to meet Pamela, she must be about my age.
    Newspaper Letters to the Editor was a major source of excitement for me also. A friend who is a journalist told me that editors encouragied correspondence on spanking and caning because it was a tried and tested way to boost circulation.
    I recall a popular periodical that went by the name of Tit Bits. In the late 1950s I discovered its spanking letters. Parents wrote in to advise what treatment to mete out to teenagers who needed taking down a peg or two. Or teenage girls wrote to complain of the degrading treatment.
    Dear Tit Bits editor my motther is very strict about me getting home at what she considers a reasonable time. Recently, I went out to a dancehall. I got carried away by the atmosphere. I was horrified when I looked at the time and saw it was midnight. I knew what would happen to me when I got in.
    Sure enough as I turned the latch and sneaked into the hallway there was mother holding the dreaded hairbrush in her hand. I felt myself shrink into my dress as if I was going back to all the previous times I had been soundly spanked.
    Mother stood there tapping the hard back of the brush onto the palm of her hand. She did not have to tell me what to do. I know the routine. I took off my coat and then rolled my girdle off.
    Mother took her seat on tne chair and beckoned me to her with a crooked finger. Trembling with anticipation I bent over her lap. Immediately a flurry of hard spanks descended on the seat of my skirt. Then she stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief. My bottom was smarting but was not hurting that much. On balance my good time at the dancehall had been worth a sore but not too severely spanked bottom.
    My canny mother must have picked up my thoughts. For as I rose to adjust myself she said
    I have not finished with you my girl. You are in need of a very sharp lesson. I think you will appreciate the lesson more without the protection of your knickers.
    She then placed her hand on my back and pushed me face down again. My knickers were summarily pulled down and she went to work again with that awful brush.
    Each side of my bottom was spanked for 5 minutes until I felt like I was sitting on a hot stove.
    She then spanked my thighs turning the brush round to give me a few with the bristle side. Finally she concentrated on my bottom again until I wa sobbing uncontrolably.
    When it was over I got a brief hug and she sent me off to bed with a gentle pat to my smarting rear. That pat told me that she loves me and had spanked me only for my own good.
    I do not resent the treatment from my mum as painful as it is.
    I have told my boyfriend time and again that him keeping me out so late results in me getting spanked unmercifully. He is very interested in the details of the spanking but makes no effort to get me home by 10. I wish his parents were as strict with him. I would like to see him squirming as he tried to sit down likle I do.
    Yours sincerely

  2. What memories for Pamela to have but also what a sense of injustice she must feel after John escapes unpunished.

    Pamela suggests that John seemed curious about the strapping she is about to receive and speculates that perhaps once back home, he “enjoyed knowing I was getting it.”

    Well maybe her Mother should have indulged his curiosity and allow him to watch as Pamela is punished. Then take down his trousers and underpants and use the strap on his bare bottom. That way she could be sure that who ever did break the ornament was suitably punished.

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