Late for a Date

Film (9:42) with 52 screengrabs
Preview image for Late for a Date. Pandora Blake is over Molly Malone's lap recieving a hand spanking on their bare bottom

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It's only the second date and Pandora has already messed up. After keeping Molly waiting for an hour, she agrees she needs to be punished. Can a hard hand spanking provide catharsis – and forgiveness?

Pandora is hugely apologetic at having kept Molly waiting. She misjudged her timings – the trains were late – she lost her phone. But excuses won't fix anything, and although it's only their second date it seems that Pandora might have ruined the evening before it's begun.

Wanting to make amends, Pandora suggests that Molly punish her for her bad behaviour. It would alleviate Pandora's guilt – and administering a firm bare bottom spanking might make Molly feel better, too. Molly accepts, and tells Pandora that since she doesn't have any implements with her, she's going to have to use her hand – and it's going to be hard.

Pandora is already contrite as she lies over Molly's knee, but as the punishment progresses she starts to realise just how hurtful her actions have been. Molly vents her frustration with a hard over the knee hand spanking, before telling Pandora to kneel up and grasp the headboard so Molly can swing her arm more forcefully. She administers 60 hard hand spanks – one for every minute Pandora was late.

This true story is a re-enactment of a real life episode between Molly and Pandora before they filmed together. Spanking may not be a magic bullet – but sometimes, consensual discipline really can help clear the air, and provide much-needed catharsis.

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8 Responses

  1. Pandora, all I can say is fab movie and I love the way your bottom wobbles when it is punished. Keep up the good work

  2. Pandora youhad big spanksfrom Molly ,very enjoyable ,love girl girl spankings with 2 nice girls ,love and spanks to you both from ,Timx

  3. I am more often than not a F/M man but I did love this piece. Pandora I am so impressed by the acting standard in all your videos and this one fully lived up to that, Poor acting elsewhere usually ruins what could be enjoyable scenarios but your cameos, your own and your co-actors’ acting, your sets and everything are outstanding.
    I did love your outstanding bum too by the way and the delightful way it coloured up as Molly really laid it on! She was terrific in this as in all her works and she quite obviously has a very hard hand. Very sexy.
    I would also love to see Molly act out this scenario with a delinquent boyfriend if you’re ever short of ideas but I must admit you never seem to be.
    Thanks for this and your whole site.

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