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Preview image for Hot Wax. Pandora Blake drips hot candle wax on Tai Crimson's naked body

Red, blue, yellow, black… Tai Crimson surrenders as Pandora Blake decorates her nude body with droplets of hot wax. Lying naked on the bed, Tai looks shyly back at Pandora, offering up her bare skin. The candle flame flares, and drop by drop, Pandora paints her willing canvas in colours to match her bed spread, turning Tai into a beautiful work of art in this queer BDSM photogallery.

The wax is hottest when close to the skin, and as Pandora slowly trails the wax up Tai's back, the flame gets closer until the drops make Tai whimper when they land, and leave the surrounding skin hot and pink. 

Drizzling the wax down the backs of Tai's legs, Pandora even lands the hot drops on the sensitive soles of Tai's bare feet. And Tai writhes in anticipation as the candle moves back up her calves and thighs, tantalisingly closer to her crotch. Pandora teases Tai, making her wriggle as the line of drops spills into the crease between her buttocks, and gasp as the wax splashes into her most sensitive spots. Even her genitals are fair game – and it's clear that the anticipation and helplessness is turning Tai on. But that's not all Pandora has in mind – she has some anal play in store for her trans submissive. Finally, Tai gets what she's been waiting for: thick drops of hot wax landing right on her exposed anus, filling her hole until she is completely plugged. With her hole sealed, Tai won't be getting the fucking she craves until Pandora decides to allow it – no matter how much she begs. An erotic and sizzling wax play scene exploring the sensual side of BDSM.

Photography: Nimue Allen


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  1. So beautiful. Tai’s courage in vulnerability and Pandora’s confidence in care have allowed a lot of healing for me recently. You both embody, not to get too heroic about it, what is life affirming about kink.

  2. Yes a fun proposition but be aware some scented candles are not suitable for wax play just saying as I ended up with skin irritation from playing with scented candles OOPSY!

  3. Very good advice! Thank you! Yes safety candles are best, without any additives. It’s also important not to use beeswax as it burns VERY hot. These candles were bought specially for use in wax play and I love them 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous comment. Thank you so much. I’m delighted to have played a small role in helping you step into a more affirming relationship with your kink <3

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