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Pandora bends over a chair with one leg bent to show her stiletto heels. Her houndstooth pencil skirt is pulled tight around her bottom

Pandora shows off her round bottom and narrow waist in a tight pencil skirt. Bending over, she assumes poses and positions that stretch her snugly fitted skirt tight over her curves.

Photography: Tricia Sullivan


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  1. Okay Pandora, now you need to bend over and touch your toes and take a well laid on paddle swat. Then you will know what it was like for a few girls in my high school. Girls could not get away with much dress wise in those days so the ones with the ass to do it wore nice tight skirts like this one. Following them up the stairs could be the high light of the day. Thanks for the reminder. (That few inches above the knee would have gotten you the swat after a second or third offense.)

  2. Ooh. Did the girls get the paddle for wearing tight skirts, or just short ones?

    I have taken the paddle, but not over a skirt like this! I wouldn’t say no to a swat right now, though… *wiggles*

  3. Short ones. It was amazing how tight some of them were, I guess the school could not figure out how to enforce a rule about tightness. (Oh the boobs in those sweaters!!!!) I used to pull up the zipper on my sister’s with a pair of pliers. The rule for lenght was that it had to reach the bottom of the knee cap. Certain individuals would push that by the millimeter just to see what they could get away with.

    It was only the chronic violators that got paddled, paddling was not common and even less so for girls.

    Wishing I could help you out with that swat right now.

  4. Some girls can’t help filling out their clothes I guess, or might not even notice – but with some it’s definitely deliberate. I love that detail about the zipper! I wonder, if a girl *did* get into trouble for wearing a too-tight skirt, whether her brother might be implicated as well for aiding and abetting?

    I read this history of paddling today, thanks to my friend Indy. You might enjoy it. Fascinating reading! http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/10/05/who_invented_paddling_the_history_of_spanking_people_s_butts_with_paddles_.html

  5. I think the pencil skirt must be one of the few items of clothing that seems designed to be worn for a spanking. With any implement.
    I remember back in the 1980s when the young ladies at my workplace went through a fad of wearing tight pencil skirts. Longer ones actually, about six inches below the knee with a rear slit that seemed to go halfway up the thigh. Needless to say, I had a few fantasies!

  6. Oh..one of my favourite fantasies. Why oh why was this one not a video??? 🙁 Great work tho, really love this site

  7. Fantastic set of images, I adore smart office attire like this especially on a shapely woman like you. I used to work in various offices, the work very boring and only improved by fellow workers who dressed like this. With more and more offices dressing down its becoming rarer.

  8. Ooh, yes, the long skirts with long slits are an enticement all of their own. It’s quite hard to find the mid-calf ones that are still properly snug, but when you do they’re quite effective hobble bondage as well as being nice to look at!

  9. Thanks Tim! I’m open to making a video – what in particular would you like to see in it?

  10. It does depend on the office, but yes, I think workwear is significantly more flexible these days. I mostly work in IT where jeans and a top are usually perfectly acceptable. That said, I have worked in the City and in receptionist jobs where very smart business wear is still required. Like schoolwear and high heels, I much prefer it as fetishwear than as a compulsory everyday uniform!

  11. What a shame. This seems such a wasted opportunity for a classic video:
    “Well, Pandora, you know what I said. This is the third time in a fortnight, isn’t it.”
    “Very well. You know what that means.”
    “It’s 12 strokes of the cane. Go and face the chair. Keep your legs together.”
    “Shall I bend forward, like this?”
    “When I tell you to bend over, stretch right down to grip the struts with your hands and rest your forehead on the seat.”
    “I can’t manage that.”
    “Do as you’re told. Now, bend over.”
    “Like this?”
    “Yes. Now count the strokes out loud.”

  12. Wasted opportunity? Hardly! It’s clearly a source of inspiration. Videos can always be made next time.

    Although there does seem to be a bit of a conflict as to whether the video should involve the cane or the wooden paddle. One advantage of these photos perhaps is that they leave all those fussy details to the imagination 😉

  13. It will be a fair point about inspiration when a video comes to fruition.
    I do think that, if produced tersely with no distractions, a short video could become an instant classic.
    If this is a secretarial spanking in the office, the implement could be an old-fashioned wooden clothes brush. The strokes should be given hard and systematically on 6 zones, and then repeated.
    A second scene could then be shot, with a different pencil skirt. Pandora has repeated the offence and this time it will be 12 strokes of the cane. The bending-over position should be exactly the same; straining to be as tight as can be.

  14. Hi Pandora

    My comment wasn’t a criticism, more a fond wish. It seems ‘Dealtwith’ has given this much more thought already 🙂 I rather like the idea of a Hotel Receptionist theme…mixed up bookings, disgruntled guest, displeased manager. Maybe I spend too much time travelling with work! But an instant upgrade and a share in the punishment of the hapless, tightly skirted receptionist certainly appeals. Good luck and keep having the fun that is evident in your ‘behind the scenes’ clips. xx

  15. Another hotel reception idea could be getting a company name wrong.

    A senior manager at my old workplace once booked into a hotel where the staff had mistakenly entered our company name as ‘GEA Bionics’. He couldn’t understand why the female staff seemed so fascinated by him – until he found out. Presumably the girls must have been expecting the Six Million Dollar Man to show up, or something.

    I guess that there could be other comical or embarrassing situations where a receptionist scribbles down what she thought she heard on the phone, then didn’t bother to check the details against the follow-up fax.

  16. A friend wore one of those with buttons up the slit. You could tell how much of a hurry she was in by how many buttons were undone…

  17. Zones! I didn’t know my bottom had zones. Brilliant.

    I said as much to D – here’s what he replied:

    “Yes. The bit that makes you go ouch, the bit that makes you
    go ouch, and the bit that makes you go ouch. Repeated on each side, so six in total. The middle zone being the bit that produces the unaccented ‘ouch’, the lower zone being the bit that produces ‘ouch’ with a hint of ‘mmmm’, and the top zone being the bit that produces ‘ouch’ with a hint of ‘will you learn to fucking aim?'”

    Love it.

  18. Hey Pandora – much as I love seeng you in a pencil skirt, I think there is much to be said for a good tight pair of black leggings! Now that really is an item of clothing that shows off the curves of a callipygean woman’s bottom and upper thighs perfectly! That would get my vote for a future video – sort of a follow-on from the wonderful ‘Caned in jodphurs’ (maybe call it ‘Lashed in leggings’!)
    In fact, a video where you were clothed throughout your spanking, strapping and caning (as opposed to you being bare-bottomed at some point during the proceedings) would be someting quite different. What do you think?

  19. D speaks wisdom. This is why the old-fashioned wooden clothes brush is so effective. It has a good sting and is immensely accurate. A standard formal spanking of 12 strokes consists of two rounds, each round comprising one stroke on each of the six zones.

    The second stroke on each zone obviously stings more than the first.

    Now imagine a more severe punishment – eg an extra 6 strokes. The worst fate would be to get all 6 spread over the 2 lower zones; ie an extra 3 strokes on each. That would discourage sitting down for a while.

  20. Hi, just have to let you know that you have the perfect shaped bottom to wear a tight pencil skirt, I would love to spend time in your company with you just posing in that tight blue pencil skirt, then slowly bending over in front of me so I can watch the material go taught as it stretches over your delightful derriere, the material revealing your sexy curves and highlighting between your bum as you push your bottom out at me.

    I would love to see more of your bottom in a tight pencil skirt, could you make my dreams come true? xx

  21. HI Marko, thanks for this message and really glad you liked the gallery! I’d certainly be happy to discuss the above session – drop me an email at hello at pandorablake.com and we’ll chat. Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. Clothed throughout is definitely something I’m thinking about now – I know some will complain but I think there’s ample time to try different things.

    Nimue is actually wearing leggings in the scene I’m about to put up, but as a top! Did you like Amelia’s latex leggings in The Avenger’s Return? I normally wear a tunic or long jumper over leggings but I guess you’d want something shorter for spanking – not a look I’d normally go for. Feel free to send me pictures to whet my imagination!

  23. One of my recurrent dreams is to see and to spank pandora´s bottom clad in a leather pencil skirt.

  24. What a delight the pencil skirt is with nylons, the not knowing till you get a glimps if they are stockings or tights, now I am odd in rathering they are tights but worn without knickers then spanked, slippered, strapped, paddled or caned in just the sheer tights would be a delight

  25. Stop teasing us Pandora – Just bend over a chair and take a good caning but would you put some black stockings on first.

  26. I’m definitely shooting some scenes with tights in 2014. There have been several requests for them!

  27. And sometimes the reality surpasses the dreams but can create dangerous addictions!!!

  28. Following with my previous post what is reality? By adapting a famous sentence by Henry Chinasky (alter ego of Charles Bukowski):
    “Reality is an hallucination due to the lack of spanking”.

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