Recollections of a School Secretary

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Even by the standards of the day, the school that formerly employed one Madam Welter as its secretary was a little off the beaten track – and ‘beaten’ is definitely the operative word there. Years later she’s decided to share her recollections with us in the form of a memoir complete with gorgeous attention to detail, a decidedly lewd bent and some demonstrative self-spanking by hairbrush.

This is a cheeky, lighthearted film that doesn’t take itself too seriously – but the spankings it describes are every bit the stuff of exposing, embarrassing fantasy. We even get to see Pandora in the tale’s emblematic red school knickers!

Pandora Blake plays the former secretary of a very unusual school, reading from her memoirs in this salacious story featuring a little self-spanking and a lot of lavisicious detail.

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8 Responses

  1. and that plimsol is too stiff. it needs to be longer and floppier. well done though x

  2. Another fantastic video clip Pandora! If only your white knicker gusset was anointed with sexual secretions 😉

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