Benefit In Kind

Film (12:35 mins) with 84 screengrabs
Pandora is bent over Nimue's knee, with her skirt pulled up, showing her tights

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Pandora Blake’s new landlady Nimue Allen has a rather unusual rent scheme going – but surely a 20% discount is worth a monthly OTK spanking, right?

It’s the perfect room: light, airy, good location. The landlady seems nice, and the rent price is almost too good to be true. In this economy, that’s surely a fantastic deal – but just what exactly did the advert mean by “benefits in kind”?

Once some ground rules have been established, it’s time for Pandora to sort out the deposit for her first month’s rent – in the form of a firm OTK spanking, bent over Nimue’s lap and beautifully exposed.

Pandora’s bottom looks incredible in sheer tights with no underwear, and it’s already beginning to glow a rosy pink by the time her hosiery is slid down to finish off on the bare. Before long she’s breathless and squirming across her landlady’s lap, yelping deliciously with every stroke from Nimue’s cupped hand.

Once it’s over, it’s clear that the reality of the arrangement hasn’t put her off – and we can all look forward to more benefits of this kind as their relationship progresses!

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Benefit In Kind - Behind the Scenes

We had the luxury of shooting with two cameras for this one, which gives plenty of opportunity for gorgeous shots and detailed closeups – though it also means that our crew have a few extra things to worry about in terms of who is in whose frame when! Pop backstage with us to see our performers navigate some practicalities, make sure the plot holds together in real time and check in with each other along the way. We also get to see some more of Pandora’s bottom, which really does look incredible in those tights…


9 Responses

  1. Loved this one immensely Pandora.You are looking amazing and sheer tights are so under rated as a fetish I think. initially disappointed you had no knickers on to pull down that soon passed as your stunning bottom looked amazing in sheer nylon. The close ups were mind blowing. Well done all.


  2. I concur with all that bennorty says regarding the visual erotics of tights…not to mention how delightful they feel to the hand that spanks.
    How to delightful to see again too. I hope this spank situation develops further. An American once described to me how spanking had been used to keep order in the big apartment she shared with 3 other women. A demerit board was kept throughout the week. Demerit points were recorded for infractions such as not washing up or leaving ones clothing around.
    Come Sunday morning of each week each resident was required to bend over a table and have their bare behind spanked with a sorlrity paddle . One whack per each demerit cross.
    My friend recalled that on the first Sunday no one had less than the 5 demerit limit . And the rule was that each flate mate got to administer the full punishment on all the others. So on that first week 15 solid strokes was applied to each upturned bottom. Tears and red red behinds is how my friend described it. Soon everyone conduct had improved so much that the Sunday spankings became a rare event.
    Obviously we want the Nimue Pandora spankings to carry one . What about Pandora going away for a month and asking if Richard can stay while she is away? He would have to agree to accept the spanking condition of course. Another scenario could show Nimue going away for a month and delegating Pandora to be the spanker of the other tenants. Or how about Pandora getting a promotion at work and using the increase in pay to hire a whippinv boy to be spanked each month in her stead? Maybe Richard would apply for the position?
    A good title dont you think Applying For The Position ?

  3. I love these scenes that one can more-or-less imagine happening in real life.

    Are most of your recent scenes from customs ordered by clients?

  4. That’s what we love doing – taking a real fantasy from a real person and bringing it to life 🙂

    It’s a fairly even mix – we don’t always publish customs, but it just so happens that so many of our custom orders explore fantasies that resonate with the Dreams of Spanking audience as a whole!

  5. It was wonderful to film with Nimue again, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her!

    That spanking apartment sounds like my kind of living situation. It must have been the cleanest flat in the country.

    Applying for the Position is a wonderful title for a future project. This story is far from over, and I think you will really enjoy the direction it takes…

  6. If you liked this one you will love how the story progresses in future instalments 😉

    Haha, I love that you are disappointed when I’m not wearing knickers. I think the tights make up for it though 😉

  7. Loved this series, loved the Tights, want some of those for myself what make are they? 😉 And the spanking is good to.

    I’m a male tights wearer by the way.

  8. I can’t say I can remember! Love how a spanking looks over tights, including on men 😉

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