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Preview image for Position Available. Pandora Blake sits, her stockings visible under her latex dress

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Welcome to Pandora Blake's home, and please do step inside. You're here about the butler position? Let Pandora give you a tour, leading the way around in her high patent fetish heels, and ever-­so-­tight latex dress.

In this POV porn scene you get to follow Pandora on an intimate journey, as she shows you around the house, explaining what duties her new butler will be expected to perform. From the bedroom to the bathroom, and the living room with cosy log fire – she'll expect everything to be in its proper place. Concentrate – try not to stare too hard at her mesmerising bottom as she walks and bends over in front of you, giving you the opportunity to sneak a lingering look.

When she sits on the sofa, try not to gaze too obviously at the tops of her stockings, just visible through the gap in the latex dress. And certainly, please don't linger too long on the sight of her stockinged feet, freed from her fetish heels and rubbing temptingly together.

Once the tour is finished, Pandora will ask you to perform your first task as her butler – polishing the fabric of her latex dress – at the place where it fits tightest across her bottom. But beware – if you let her know how much you're enjoying it then she may well be very angry… 

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5 Responses

  1. I’m sure that being your butler would be a very exciting job Pandora 🙂 I wonder if you’ve heard of the Scotland based organisation “Bare Bum Butlers” that provides trained male butlers clothed only in aprons and bow ties? 🙂

  2. We r newbies like I previously said. Yes I worry about safety, my husband thinks I’m nuts but will go,along so I don’t get hurt . I am over weight but I am CLEAN. I JUST WANT TO BE SPANKED , I WANT TO TRY. I THOUGHT IF WE COULD MEET A COUPLE OUT IN A PUBLIC PLACE, ITR WOULD BE SAFE AND IF WE HAD SOMETHING IN COMMON , WELL I REALLY WANT TO TRY THIS . CAN YOU HEL US ? We live in Clearwater , fl

  3. I haven’t heard of that particular one, no, but the idea of naked butlering is a fairly common one! In fact I think our very own Will Savage might have been known to participate from time to time 🙂

  4. Hi, I recommend signing up to Fetlife.com and finding local spanking groups on there. I recommend Florida Moonshine, a spanking club which also hosts an annual spanking party which is great fun with some lovely friendly people. More info here: http://www.floridamoonshine.net/

  5. Another fabulous film !!!
    I’d like to apply for that role , Miss Pandora ,
    I seriously hope that you will consider my novice experience in dealing with young ladies like yourself , but I’m more than prepared for lengthy caning sessions if I err from my duties !!!

    Luv Ian xx

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